Friday, March 11, 2016


... and we're back! 

WiFi is back, guys!!!!! So happy and so excited. I can finally start doing work (lol) but I mean, c'mon, who are we kidding? MY KOREAN SHOWS!!! Like I said, having accumulated episodes like that really just made the whole waiting process bearable. Very, slightly bearable.

Also, today, I was so determined to make mac and cheese. So I did. It tasted HORRIBLE. Threw it out because it just really tasted like lumpy cheese. Why does everything look so much better on Youtube how-to videos than it is in real life. I did exactly what it said to do! Siiiigh, so that was a fail lunch. I mean it was edible but only after basically covering it with pepper and chilli flakes. Then the whole texture got really odd. I hate it when I try and cook new things only for it to taste really bad! So much effort into it and you're expecting to be satisfied by the end of it but nope. 

Also, I was watching Running Man Dubai's episode and man, I have just listed 'Skydiving in Dubai' in my bucket list. I'll probably piss my pants being there but man, I am so hyped to do it one day!! I need to find a way to actually go do it. I think if I'm already on the plane, I couldn't possibly chicken out so someone just needs to shove me in the plane and I'm good. And it didn't occur to me how beautiful Dubai is for a honeymoon place??? They were in the dessert and some of them got to settle and sleep in a very luxurious hotel in the middle of the desert. I think that's such a fun idea. I would love to be adventurous like that and to potentially do it with your husband seems so best lah, no?
[Also on to-do list : Find someone to marry first]

I just found out the dates for my upcoming exams and I finish on the 9th of May. That's so early?? I remember mine last year ended so much later than that. I feel like I should find myself a part time job to get some money and to at least experience working here for a bit. And the prospect of earning extra money is quite exciting now. Maybe this is just me gearing myself up for actually getting a job in KL soon. YIKES. Scary!!! What do I want to do? Who do I want to work for? How do I work???? What if I'm not good?? I think about this all the time. I hate being wrong and being incapable of doing something which is why I hate math (haha) so the prospect of working is actually quite terrifying for me. But for some reason, I'm kinda looking forward to do something more substantial back home. And in life. I want to just do something. And what could that be? Stay tuned. Hahahah

Oh! For any Korean drama enthusiasts, if you've not already started watching, please get onboard with Descendants of The Sun, please! It's soôò good!! You'll be blown away with the cinematography and the filming and the acting and the props - everything! I've watched several Korean dramas already but it still takes me by surprise with how much they invest in their drama productions. Unlike some dramas, this one is pre-produced so everything is all set which is brilliant because then the drama won't tend to change its script and plot like some shows *COUGH REPLY 1988*. It also means that the producers and directors have plenty of time to edit the drama to perfection! 

It really is a beautiful drama in terms of how it's shot and filmed. Feels like a movie when you watch it! And also can we please spare a moment to appreciate that we live in a world with someone who has a face as handsome as Song Joong Ki's. That smile is out to kill people!! I swear one of his lines were, "How have you been?" and even then I had to pause the show to scream. What is that about?? It's only currently 6 episodes in now though so it could take a downturn but it's highly unlikely. And this is also probably the first time I'm SO happy with the male and female lead - incredible chemistry!!! And I also equally love the second male and female leads (who are also in a romantic relationship on-screen). I cannot say enough - and apparently the whole of South Korea too. It garnered incredibly high ratings on its first episode - a rating so high it even beat Reply 1988 (still #1 in my heart) !!! 

I missed having WiFi so I just wanted to blog about whatever and well, here's a blog post on whatever. Hope everyone is well. It's only been a week but barely surviving, guys. Good thing WiFi's fixed just in time for my Shonda Rhimes Friday.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. My parents watches that drama too and they seem to really like it. Its something different as compared to what's usually on kbsw which i swear they watch every single drama -_- Suka sangat they don't even watch malay dramas anymore and my dad ditched his HBO channel ahahah. :) xx

  2. There's good reason they watch it - it's amazing! x