Sunday, March 6, 2016


It takes a day without WiFi to make you realise how bloody dependant you are on it.

Yes, guys.

The day has arrived where my house is WiFi-less. It has happened once before but it got better a day after. IT HAS BEEN THREE DAYS NOW. I hate how it shows up 4 bars on my laptop but heart continues to break when I don't see my Google homepage fully loaded.

I woke up to not having any access to my WiFi on Thursday and I was morrrrrrrtified. Because the night before that, I promised and swore to myself that I'll start serious uni business on Thursday. And well ???? Best timing ever or what to have my WiFi down or what ?????

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I spend my days and night on this laptop; be it with Korean shows or with work. I am constantly on this laptop. Constantly. It's almost unnerving how much I'm on it. Right now I'm using my Personal Hotspot and it's so nerve wrecking to know that any minute now, they'll text me saying I don't have any more Hotspot allowance.

THE AGONY OF NOT HAVING WIFI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you what ; days go by much much slower when you're Internet-less. 

I hate it. I've called Virgin Media up and they told me to do a bunch of things which I did but to no success. So they've arranged an engineer to come over and fix it up for us...


You saying I'm going to have to survive a week without Internet at home ???

A week ????? 7 days ???????? And who's to say the engineer will fix it right ?? My current nightmare will be to hear him say 

"Err, seems like the problem's quite a tough one, I'll have to consult with someone and get back to you on this. Next Thursday sound good?" 

The horror. I might move in to Azam's place if that's the case. 

Hurting. I don't like going to the library to do work because I just don't like libraries in general but I think I might have to make the trip there tomorrow. The only good thing out of this is that as days go by, I'm accumulating new episodes for all my favourites shows so when I finally do have WiFi, I'll be doing nothing but catch up with my shows. Which means I have to be super productive and get as much work done before they come fix my WiFi. The worst time to not having Internet at home I swear!!

I sound like *such* a whiny 21st century baby but I can't help it. 

Hug your Internet hub everyone, and pray this doesn't happen to you! 


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