Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lemonade and Rose


I just got out of the shower, I have a face mask on and I'm listening to Kanye West's 'Ultralight Beam'. Gotta admit this is a sick tune - don't particularly like the guy but this track is pretty damn great. 

I just finished with one of my papers just now and I went to the city to have lunch by myself. Felt like I deserved that bowl of Firecracker goodness at Wagamama's. Went around to see if there was anything nice, was actually planning to treat myself to something new but as Mama would say, 

"Don't buy for the sake of buying" 

so I came back empty-handed. I was actually also too tired and sleepy to browse around properly - I just wanted to be back on my bed and wind dooooown. 

My next paper is in two weeks so I'm going to give myself a break. Cheh buat macam dah belajar punyalah intense before this hahah but I NEED IT. Seriously, I am not made for studying - tires me out and I can't go 10 minutes without wanting to reach for my phone or watch a Youtube video. And well, there's really no watching just *one* Youtube video, is there ! There was a time I really liked studying - a time where I had no personal laptop and no smartphone. I did well for that exam and as a reward, I got my first laptop. And then the downfall began hahaha

The weather today was super weird. It was super bright in the morning - I was actually awoken by how bright it was and I wasn't even out of bed and it was proper raining outside. Heavily at that! So as much as I wanted to skip my heavy jacket, I couldn't. It's still pretty cold despite it already being April. I suspect it won't be warmer, like actual proper WARM days, til like end of June. And then when we left the exam hall, it started to snow ! S N O W ! Very light snow but still !! Snow nevertheless ! For like a good 15 minutes before it was all bright and sunny again. So odd. I've just kinda stopped questioning it now - does England even know of spring/summer anyway ??

Oh and can we discuss how amazing Beyoncé is ? I was just about to go to sleep a couple days ago 'til I read a stream of tweets about Beyoncé and #lemonade ??! It had to be a new album seeing how there was no absolute correlation between the queen and the fruit ??? I actually even downloaded Tidal to listen to it and I LOVE IT! My favourite from the album is Freedom just because it's so empowering and feels so powerful. All of the tracks actually you just kinda want to stride to, head held up high kinda thing. Amaziiiing.

"Daddy made me fight, it wasn't always right, but he said girl it's your second amendment"

Huuuuge fan of these Innisfree masks - smells amazing and so refreshing. And they stick well on your face too ! Even after 40 minutes, these babies are still moist and intact. 

Lynn and Agnes - my partners in crime in university. Love these girls - shows you don't really need a whole big posse in uni to have a great time anyway.

My usual Korean dinner with Nana. Nana and I said at the beginning that we'd try a new place every week but after coming to this Dain Korea restaurant, we never really deviated to anywhere else! 

I have leftover kebab and some chips (FRIES, I MEANT FRIES!) from yesterday for dinner tonight. Is it weird that I actively look forward to lunch and dinners? I have a lunch date with Nans this Thursday and I'm already thinking of what to eat first. I've also gotten rid of alllll snacks in my house, and when I meant getting rid of, I mean I ate them all as fast as I could hahahaha
I'm trying to not have too many snacks - they're so little and seemingly insignificant but they contribute so much to weight gain! But sedap. Hmm. Dilemma. 
I'm going to spend my Ramadhan and celebrate Raya here insyaAllah and was just thinking how the heck am I going to do this year without my roti john ? So then I went on a frantic Google search on how to make roti john and that lead me to several videos - not a good idea, I repeat, NOT A GOOD IDEA. 

Anyway, hope everyone is doing great, and since exam season is upon us, my best wishes to everyone! Can do this lah ok everyone !! We are Asians - we can do this !!! 


Song I'm listening to now : Ultralight Beam by Kanye West

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