Saturday, April 9, 2016



I love showers. I easily spend half an hour in the shower. If I have music, I take even longer because once I hear a good song come on... 

"Ok I'll get out after this song finishes!"
*rinse and repeat 5 times at least !!*

Whenever I'm too stressed from doing university work or feeling super anxious or when I need some straightening out, I head for the shower and spend as long as I want to. It's so therapeutic, man. It's like time-out from whatever work I'm doing, whatever situation I'm in, whatever rut I'm stuck in. 
I just shower. 

I also come up with the best plans and the best ideas in the showers. I transform into someone super organised in the shower - I plan my days ahead and I make mental notes of what I want to do and I even come up with detailed Plan B's. I mull over all that can go wrong and then try to figure out how I can combat all that. THIS ALL HAPPENS IN THE SHOWER, GUYS. 

I feel like if I could have a water-proof notebook in which I can write in, all my thoughts and overly ambitious ideas could be written down. Someone please materialise that.

I just got out of the shower actually, my hair is still wet and I smell of lavender. And I just came out with the best plan for myself. Almost like I know now what I want to do for the rest of my life. Or at least y'know, have an inkling of what that actually is. Actually to be quite honest, I've always known what I wanted to do, but it's *how* I get there that was most troubling for me. The whole Point A to Point B was done and settled, it's the damn journey that's been pestering at me all these years. This time, I came out of the shower confidence doubled and determination tripled. 

Maybe because showers are the only time you get to have a time-out with yourself and you get to plan ridiculous things. Like how you want to have your malam berinai look like, or how you just want to burst our crying. Showering is when you zone out and responsibilities are literally far from you so that means you have a good amount of time to just really de-stress and to just take a moment. I always feel like it's most productive to get yourself together in the shower because once you switch the water off, you're back to business and you're back to whatever you were escaping from. 

This all sounds so metaphorical and ThoughtCatalog now. 

Anyway, all I'm saying is that if you're having a tough time or stuck in a rut, maybe try and take a shower.
Take a ~ l o n g  ~ one. Put on music if you want to just deafen your problems out or maybe just have you and your thoughts accompany you. It's up to you.

I don't know what about it that makes me feel better every time I come out of the shower. Maybe it's the nice warm water that calms you. Maybe it's all the hot steam that helps you breathe better. Or maybe it's just the lavender that's soothing. 

And I mean if that doesn't work with ridding some stress and anxiety, at least you smell nice.


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