Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sorbets and vegetables

And so 12:30 marked the end of my last final ever exam in university and insyaAllah everything goes well and I get to graduate this July!!! Quite nervous now but nothing I can do now but to just pray and wish for the best to come! 

As per usual, I stayed up late studying and woke up early to continue studying. This is possibly my last ever paper to ever sit for (I emphasise 'ever'!) and still I do things very last minute.

Kids, don't do this. 

I tell myself again and again last minute is not going to do you any good and you're going to regret it but still I do it. Sigh. 

But whatever because I'm done!!!! 

I wanted to leap and skip all the way after I left the examination hall but I was too tired to be excited. But I was hungry so Lynn and I went to Wahacas; a Mexican place because I was craving for churros. So good!! Lynn and I shared 6 dishes between us two so it felt like a taster session; try a bit of this and a bit of that. Good thing their portions were in twos so we got to fully try everything equally. Oddly satisfying.

I am completely convinced that I take the WORST food photos i will now stop doing it 

This is Lynn's plate, so clean as she ate all her vege...

... and then we have me who cannot give two hoots about eating THAT much vegetable in one sitting!

Our mango sorbets. Other than the strawberry ice-cream by Haagen Dazs, no other ice-cream I'd eat but mango sorbet.

Best bud in uni! 

I can't believe my three years in uni has finally come to an end. Technically, I still have one more obligation next Monday but I'm going to allow myself a bit of room to breathe before I occupy myself with that. 

Where did the years go. Felt like it was just two days ago I was complaining to Lynn about how difficult the first literature review we had to do for a module once.We were just talking about the different modules over the three years here and the different teachers we've had and just reminiscing which was really sentimental to me!! 

To think that when I first got here, three years felt like such a long stretch. 

I'm so happy that I took the course that I did and that I went to the university that I did and that I got into Bristol. This city is so close to my heart now and it'll be very difficult in the next few months when I have to finally move out of this place. But all that later in a different post! 

I'm just so happy to not have to study anymore and man, the satisfaction I got from deleting my 'Exam Prep' document folder on my laptop is ~ a m a z i n g ~

I still have no idea what I want to pursue but I'm just looking forward to whatever comes my way to be honest. 

But now I'm just going to catch up with my favourite Korean shows (new episodes come out Sunday nights so do you know how difficult it was to restrain myself from watching it last night?!?!!) and have fun in doing nothing.