Saturday, May 21, 2016

Got it good


So from the last time I've blogged, I have finally, *officially* completed my university years. Remember how I said I had one last obligation for uni? It was a presentation about a module this semester so although it wasn't like an exam exam it was still quite important so once I finally had that out of the way, I can finally say I'm done with university.

That is if I did enough in my papers to graduate. But let's not think about that.

So what have I been doing, y'ask? 


Which is nothing far off from what I already usually do hahahaha but I do admit it is weird seeing that I can just dump all my uni material in the recycle bin for good now. I never did it before because I had the fear that "What if I have to sit for the module again?" but now that third year is done and dusted I can finally just bin it all! I also deleted my uni folder for my dissertation module but have yet to delete the actual uni folder containing about 2 years worth of self-made notes. Or y'know copy pastin'. 

So after finishing with our presentation, Lynn, Jaden and I went to the shop to buy our university hoodies. Only like on our last ever day in university do we decide to buy the hoodie. We wore it straight away and took photos. 

I'm like a walking side-view mirror ; I appear shorter than I really am. I mean, I'm full aware I'm short but man, photos make me look short. And posing with feet like that really not the best of ideas.

The only decent jumping shot to which you see neither of our faces. 

This was a day before the presentation where some of us were in the library having group meetings. Our last time in uni together which was sentimental. We promise to meet again for food soon but to think that that was our last time together as a trio in uni was sad. So happy I met these girls, we met from just sitting next to each other in our first class on our first day and we just hit it off - I didn't need anyone else to be honest, was just really happy and content that I had these two to have lunch breaks together and to complain what a difficult assignment we had to do. 
So much love for Lynn and Agnes. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

Speaking of another separation - my housemate of three years, Selina, has finally moved out. She's now in London staying with her boyfriend. To be fair, she hasn't really been in Bristol since like, January but she finally, officially moved out with her things last week and it was quite... sad. Seeing her room emptied out really did make me sad. Emotional, I know. 

Moving in this place three years ago was a complete last minute thing - I got lucky when one of the girls who initially wanted to stay in this house got a notification from the uni halls and decided to move there instead. I was just lucky that I got this place in time. And I met three very very very lovely Chinese Malaysian girls. Have to admit, I was scared in the beginning because I had never lived with people I didn't know at all with (I lived with Kaveetha and Diyana in college; girls whom I knew since high school). Would I get along with them? Would they like me? Would I like them? were only the very few things I had been occupying myself before I arrived at the front door.

The first person who opened the door when I first arrived was Selina.

And seeing her, I just knew I was going to be okay. 

You know how you just have a great feeling about someone upon just meeting them. Selina was that for me. I just knew we were going to be just fine with one another. Saying this, I don't mean Selina and I were the best of friends, like we never really hung out and cook dinners together in the kitchen. Which might sound like we were never friendly in the first place. But that's exactly what I liked! I wanted someone who wasn't too up in my business and I very much prefer the quiet and being by myself even at home and she was just the same so although we would always talk up a storm whenever we see each other in the house, we just both understood that we just wanted to go into our rooms and just be by ourselves. Does that remotely make any sense? I hope it does. I don't want it to look like we were unfriendly. 

We're very much alike. And we both realised this through our dinner dates together at our favourite go-to Indian place just like 10 steps away from the house. To be completely frank, I don't get along with a lot of people as much as people think I do. I'm not really the social butterfly some people have associated me to be. I'm just maybe good at striking up conversations - but whether I'd meet up with them for a second time, well, that's a different story. I have a very few that I can relate to and have actual love for and then I also have a lot that I am just plain friends with. Which is no big deal - we all have that. But I personally find that my 'criteria' with friends gets increasingly specific as I grow and so the circle becomes increasingly smaller. 

So when I meet someone who I can totally just vibe with, I love. Selina is like that with me. We realised that we were both on each others wavelength and we totally got each other when we were in deep conversation about friends and love. We've told each other things - we've cried in front one another in fact. We've watched movies, we've treated each other, we've gone grocery shopping together. Very trivial things but like I said, if I find someone I vibe with it doesn't really matter what we do - matters that I do it with her! 

Also helps that she's perhaps one of the most kind, most generous and just all-round biggest sweetheart I know. And she's been the only housemate I've had who has been with me three years in this house. So I have a special place in my heart for the girl. 

Just wanted to write this here so that future me can read this and be reminded that I was saved from all possible roommate drama and that I had it good. All three years at that! 

This is a photo of Selina and I after we went out for dinner and to the shop nearby to get ice-cream to which we later regretted. 

So this is all for this post. I don't have much to update anyone with anything. Which would explain the lack of updates. Puasa is coming soon. 18 hours of fasting. We'll see how that goes. 

It's now 6am and already bright outside but thank God for the sleeping mask I bought days back.
That thing blinds the brightest of suns.
To more sleeping in!


Song I'm listening to : I Don't Care by Ariana Grande

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