Thursday, May 12, 2016

London with Nana!

Nana and I were on the bus on the way to have dinner one day and I told her how I was so tempted to go on a day trip to London to makan-makan and she, as she always is, was so game for it! 

So the next Tuesday, we got on an early morning bus ride to London! 

I felt bad though because we spend a majority of the day going in and out of shops hahahahaha Nans if you're reading this so sorry!!! I feel so bad! I'll make it up next time we meet, k!! 

We ate a lot, walked a lot and it was SO warm also btw I was wearing a grey jumper but it was getting so warm that I bought a light, white t-shirt to wear instead. I'm not complaining though - the weather has been so nice and so warm but not yet to the tahap of sweating profusely which is perfect! It's been raining a lot though this week and post-rain weather reminds me SO much of home. 

Saw this beautiful tree whilst walking towards Makan. Depan rumah orang but whatever, yknow.

My travel partner for the day - the very cheery and very patient Nana. Love this girl, always game for anything I want to do hahaha!

I'm still always in awe of the buildings along Regent Street. 

The one place that Nans really wanted to go was the Japan centre and I love how this place is just filled with Japanese food, snacks, magazines, utensils, everything through and through! 

This mango sorbet at Wahacas was SO GOOD. I live for mango sorbets basically. 

Still asking myself why didn't I just get a pair of trainers right from the get go instead. Saved me so much pain and susah payah. 

Don't know when my next trip to the big city is again but I hope soon enough! Now that I am free of alllllll university work (totally passed my dissertation module by the way heheh), I'm so free to do anything and everything I want. The only downside to finishing my papers so early is that no one else is done with theirs (some have not even started!). Once they do, I'll probably make another trip to London to see them. And eat roti canai because damn it, it's almost 2am now and it's all I can think about.


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