Friday, July 29, 2016

18 hours of traveling

I'm hooooooome ~

Aah, nothing like Kuala Lumpur. I've had such an amazing summer holiday in London with my parents and brother. But now I'm typing this blog post out at 4:48 in the morning from my small single-sized bed in my small bedroom. ALOT smaller than my Bristol bedroom but I'd take this one here in KL any day any time. 

It was a long journey. My mum got me a ticket home last minute so the only one that was not too expensive was by Royal Brunei. Only thing is that it was a much longer journey than if I were to fly on MAS. It was London -> Dubai -> Brunei -> KL. All in all plus waiting time, it came up about to 18 hours of traveling. 

But it was good I guess because I got to stop over twice and it wasn't a direct flight which I've grown to seriously dislike. To just walk outside even if it's just to another gate for your next flight was a lot better. Although I don't think I'd happily do another 18 hours of travel again. 

And I wasn't nauseous! Usually, flights and I don't go too well (my horror story when I was flying to London last September was... horrific) but this one was bearable. Could've been the air sickness pill I took prior to the flight that kong-ed me right out or that the flights were just really smooth. Didn't really experience turbulence at all which was great because my mum flew the day before me and she had to go through 2 HOURS of turbulence over Europe. Yuck??

But anyway, I'm home. So good to be back. First order of business was we (my sisters and my mum) had dinner at Kayu; one of my favourite places to have a meal. So wholesome and so Malaysian, LOVED IT. And then unpacking which I'm not quite done with. I tried watching an episode of a Korean drama but got so sleepy halfway that I slept. For like an hour and a half and now I'm up and kickin'. 

My mum asked what I wanted for lunch tomorrow so I have that settled (kangkung belacan, ikan sambal, udang kunyit duh?) and I might go cut my hair tomorrow. A haircut that was loooooong due. And then I'll probably see my friends at an open house this weekend and this Sunday, Tania booked tickets to watch the Big Bang movie!!!!!!!!! Soöo stoked! 

My dad to me, "Nadia you've graduated and you still like pink?" Yeah???

Papa bought a bunch of flag stickers because he wanted to stick them on his golf bag every time he visits a country to play golf but he gave it to me instead when he saw the golden opportunity of my bag's 'tiles'. These are all the countries I've visited! To many more! 

One with Papa and Zaim. Papa took the flight the day after me and Zaim decided to stay in the UK over the summer. Will miss Zaim a lot! 

Ok so now you understand why I say my haircut is long overdue!?!?! 

It's 5:11 am and I'm getting hungry. I hope Kakak buys the nasi lemak later for breakfast. 

Can't actually believe I'm already home for good! Seems surreal.


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