Sunday, July 3, 2016

June Favourites

By the time I blog or IF I blog about July Favourites, it'll be from home ! To think it like that makes me really happy heh heh


1. Garnier's Ultimate Blends Shampoo in Olive Oil

... this might be my favourite shampoo I've used ever.

I don't usually rave about hair products simply because I don't really care. When it comes to hair, I'm really low maintenance. I don't use fancy masks, treatment or anything of the sort. It's just very difficult for me to see any sort of differences pre and post hair care so I just don't invest in any. Fun fact : I've never owned a brush/comb. The only time I had one was a hair detangler which looked more like a brush for horses than it was for human hair. I kept to that for like 2 months at most before abandoning it. So for me, most shampoos and conditioners are not really impressive and I never stick to one. I always change it up after I've emptied a bottle. 

But recently, my hair started to get really, really dry. My hair is already dry so I was kinda immune to it but we're talking haystack-for-hair kinda dry. It was just unpleasant to the touch and I was getting peeved because like I said, I was drinking a lot of water. Why is drinking 3l of water not doing anything??? This coincided with the time I had dry flakes on my skin so it could be because of the change in weather... or because I washed my hair every single day. And add that on to the fact that I haven't had my hair cut in ages. Yikes. So anyway, I was running out of my shampoo and I went to get a new one and came across this one. I just saw "DRY HAIR" and paid for it. COMPLETELY missing out "Olive Oil". I know right? Only me. Only I would miss that big round sticker right smack in the center of the bottle.

Came home and showered as usual and when I shampooed and washed it off, my hair felt ~ soooo ~ smo├Âth. You know how when you use a shampoo and your hair feels stiff and that's when the conditioner comes to rescue? Yo seriously not even joking, I feel like I can get away with just using the shampoo ONLY. It felt like a conditioner and my hair instantly, INSTANTLY, felt softer and less penyapu like. I didn't even have to use it 3-4x to see results. It was INSTANT. (which is how it's supposed to be ok GAME OF THRONES FANS who say "No Nadia, you kena tengok sampai episode 6 baru dia best"!!!) 

It was then I picked up the bottle to see what kind of magic they packed in here and it was only then I realised that that magic was olive oil. And man, I cannot say enough. It smells good, it feels good and it looks good. I love it and I recommend it. I don't know if it's in KL but if it isn't then guess who's buying 10 bottles before she goes home.


2. Serial Podcast

So I was recommended this podcast by one of my college juniors, Dina, when I met her at Hanna's place in London.

I've tried giving podcasts a go but it's very hard to reel me in because as I'm listening I'm also doing a million other things on the web so it gets very distracting and I often lose focus but this podcast. THIS PODCAST is so good.

So a little background : This podcast was apparently very famous back in 2014 when it first started. It's about this case that happened in Baltimore in 1999 and a Korean high school senior, Hae Min Lee who was found murdered and subsequently her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted and who since then has been in prison. But did he really kill her? That's what Sarah Koenig, the host and reporter, is looking to find out through this podcast.

It is *immensely* fascinating and fun fact #2 : I love crime stories. I love myself a good unsolved mystery case. It gives so much room for conspiracy theories so this podcast is just right up my alley. Have you guys watched Buzzfeed Unsolved?? SO FLIPPIN good. Scary lah but really interesting.

I know it's part of the job of the reporter but Sarah really goes the extra mile in gathering bits and pieces of the case to come to a satisfying conclusion. She is in close contact with Adnan Syed and recordings of their phone calls together (him from prison) are included in the podcast and it's just honestly, super super fascinating. I've never really seen a real case being studied so much like this that ISN'T fictional. The case is a huge mess to say the least and when you listen to the whole season you'll understand what I mean by that. 

Listen to it > here


3. Sophie Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS

I've seen this book before but never got around to buying it. Til Dayana blogged about it only did I decided to go and get it.

Sophie Amoruso is a the founder and CEO of NastyGal ; an online retailer. 

To just summarise in one word, this book is inspiring.

I love her backstory, I love her determination, I love her go-getter attitude and just from reading it, her bad ass vibe is so contagious. Every time I put down the book, I just get so pumped and feel like I wanna start doing something. She's such a classic example of how at the end of the day, if you have the willingness to do something and a burning passion to succeed, you WILL succeed. It's amazing what she's done and most importantly, HOW she did it. I've read real life rags to riches stories before but this was extra fun to read because she's in the fashion industry so I felt like I could relate to it more. But even if you're not into fashion, it's a great read. 

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So July is a pretty exciting month for me!!! 

First and foremost, it's Raya in a week! Bummed that I won't be home but pretty excited to be celebrating it with friends. Come to think of it, I've never celebrated with friends and I foresee it being a very very chilled very very laidback Raya and I'm totally ok with that hahahah I don't even have a baju raya and it's too late for my mum to post it to me so I'll try and figure things out with what I have.

And then a week after that insyaAllah the parental units are coming to town!!! Yay yay! I've convinced my mum to go watch Aladdin the musical (have I not blogged about that yet? Basically the best thing I've seen lah) and she seems pretty interested so we might be doing that amongst other things. And a lot of eating. Considering I'm moving out of the house on Monday, I have to clear out my kitchen and my fridge so I've not gone grocery shopping so I've been eating bread, pasta and ramyeon. So I'm very ready to have good food without having to pay hahaha

And then a week after that I'll be graduating!! Alhamdulillah! I've just gotten the email from university saying I've passed the course and as I read that, I wiped the big fictional sweat off my face. Was pretty anxious to be honest because I wasn't too sure how it was going to go but alhamdulillah!

And then a week after that I'm going hoooooome insyaAllah I've already listed the amount of food I want to eat and the places I want to go. I don't want to act like I've been away for *so* long but there are so many eateries I've never heard nor tried at so I'm really looking forward to all that. And now that I won't have to try and fit everything within a 3 month window, I can just chill and be home. So excited YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

I hope July will be a great month for everyone! I hope you have just as many things, or even more, to look forward to as I do.


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