Monday, June 27, 2016


We have become such an intolerant Muslim society in Malaysia.

The whole issue back home about Muslims not tolerating people who openly eat infront of them.

Err last time I checked Ramadhan was supposed to do that to you?? I thought the point of berpuasa is so that you grow patient in the face of hardship and that you understand the lives of unfortunate people?

It's 2016 and we still don't seem to understand the concept of Ramadhan, huh? 

I can't wrap my head around how I've been reading really rude Malay Muslims going off on other people who are eating in front of them? It doesn't matter if the person is Muslim or not! They have their reasons and who are you to be so angry??

I just don't like the recent trend of how Malaysian Muslims think the world is centred around them. I'm calling it a trend because it is! It's only been in recent days people are getting so sensitive, what in the world has gotten into everyone these days. We have gotten so intolerant and so pathetic. Is our faith so fragile, so weak that we're shaken by this? It shouldn't be. We have to remember that we're not just fasting from food and drink, we also have to refrain from saying bad things so to hear that some people are telling others off and calling rude names is just very contradictory. Get your head around the concept of berpuasa first before preaching here and there.

Islam is meant to be a very simple religion but people these days are making it so strict, so narrow, so difficult, so suffocating that it's giving the wrong vibe completely to people of other religions. Who do you think wants to peluk Islam if what they see these days is Muslims blowing their top at the sight of orang tak berpuasa. Why do we think *they* have to alter themselves for *us*? This world is not yours. God made it such that there are going to be people of other races and of other religions because He wants us to learn to harmonise with other people and to understand one another and to accept one another regardless of who they pray to and what their culture is. Why have we gotten so backwards? Why are we getting so hot and bothered? Have we forgotten that Islam is a religion of peace? 

Be tolerant. Nabi Muhammad had far worst off days during Ramadhan and he never got angry, what more to harass other people????? I don't know why Malays these days think they're all high and mighty to do just that. We've become so narrow minded and everyday I see something so stupid on Twitter and/or Facebook about what we shouldn't do. Ni tak boleh, itu tak boleh. Apa je yang boleh??? Don't get me started on the "Tak boleh sambut Mothers Day". YO. It's your mother! If your niat is to show some affection for your mum how the heck is that prohibited and haram???? I feel like the "Don't Do or Go To Hell" list has exponentially grown and man, we're just missing the point here.  To hear people say, "But she shouldn't do that, it's not respectful to us

I read this somewhere the other day and thought it was something that I should put on a sticker or a post-it note and pass to everyone as a reminder :

"The Prophet SAW, said "Nothing is heavier upon the scale of the believer on the Day of Resurrection than his good character" [At-Tirmidhi].

So be nice - not to just fellow Muslims - but to everyone around you. We can't be selfish, we cannot expect that just because it is Ramadhan, the world stops to respect you. No one owes you that. You don't demand respect, it just comes with good character. And if you can't be tolerant of other people's culture what makes you think they will be of yours?

Of course I don't generalise the whole Malay race in Malaysia - I'm pretty sure it's a tiny few but it's this tiny few that spoils it for the rest of us. It upsets me because I have plenty of non-Malay friends so I feel really ashamed when these stories go viral and it just tarnishes the good name of Islam and of Ramadhan. That said, I also have plenty of Malay friends who have the heart of gold and who have spoken of this matter also and I have always wanted to voice out my frustration on this issue but Twitter didn't feel like the right platform for me to do so because as you can probably see, I gots a lots to says. 

Just relax ok, it's just FOOD and WATER and it's only for a MONTH. You will berbuka at 7:30 later kan so take a breather and chill, people. Zen. 


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