Saturday, June 25, 2016

Three years worth

So I have about a week half til I leave this house. Don't worry I'll Instagram a photo of my bed aka my sanctuary for the past three years. 

I'm listening to Adele and of course as you do, I'm getting so emotional! My last post was about me wanting to leave the UK now but I've just sent away two whole sacks of winter clothes and I've about only a week and a half left til I vacate this room I've gotten so familiar with since the September of 2013 and so I'm back to being sad that I'm leaving this place.

I need to get myself sorted. 

As I was decluttering, there were a lot of

"Oooooh so this was where it was..."


"What... was... I... thinking..."

and dust. My sinus acted up after spring cleaning my room yesterday from all the dust. 

I also got rid of all my hand-outs and notes from university and now I just have to deal with all the books. I just have to lug it all the way to the bookstore in university to sell it off. I hope they take it especially because they are all in PRISTINE condition. Hahahaha I just really really much preferred everything online ok!

I love my clothes and I am very fond of each and every piece I have. Just because even if it looks way out of trend or just really questionable, at one point in my life I must've really loved it so much that I bought it. 

And when I was deciding what to throw out (85% of my closet) and what to keep, it was quite weird to have to pack them and put it in the plastic sack. It's not that I was sad to throw them out, in fact I was more relieved! It's just that my winter clothes signified the three winters I was here and well, in the UK, winter pretty much ran 3/4 of the year so it was everything I wore day in and day out. Served a lot of sweet memories! 

For example, there was that light purple wrap-around cardigan that I wore to Nice with my friends and the boys made fun of me because of the bow at the back. Still probably one of my favourite holidays ever. 

And the first thing I bought from my first shopping trip with friends to Primark when I first got here : a checkered blazer. I haven't worn it at all hahaha at the time I was probably a lot more blinded by how cheap it was. 

And the skirt that I bought for one of my birthday dinners but ditched it at the last minute because it was too cold to wear out! It was 50% off and also very tight hahaha 

And my brown cable knit sweater that I wore to DEATH. Man, that was probably the most versatile thing I had in my closet and I wore it all the time. I had to wear an inner underneath because not was it too cold, it was also made of really itchy fabric. Again, why did I buy...

And then there were my scarves. Sigh. What would winter have been if not for my scarves? My saviours. They make an incredible difference. The thicker the material, the more comfortable. I couldn't leave the house without one, it was as essential to me as wearing underwear. Really! I even wore them all around the house because clearly my PJs weren't cutting it. I had so many kinds also but I kept my favourite one for 'just in case' I ever decide to travel abroad again during winter. Likeliness of that happening in the near future... not lookin' so good hahah

And just so many more. I even remember where I wore it and when. I just have such an affinity for clothes in general so you can imagine how much I love my own collection. Might not be the biggest collection but still very personal to me. So I hope that whoever gets it puts it to good use! 

I still have some left over that I was undecided whether I should keep or throw so I might have to deal with that soon. 

My lovely grandparents called me yesterday to check on me and my grandmother was telling me how quick time has gone and now I'm already packing to leave the UK for good. She was laughing about how I couldn't wait to come home but she was also saying how proud she was that I was doing well there. Ugh have I mentioned ever how huge the portion of my heart is for my grandparents?!?!?! They made this whole journey possible in the first place so I'm incredibly indebted to them. This looks like a huge tangent from my clothes sob story hahaha but I just had to mention it here. 

Time is so quick, masyaAllah. I loved so much of it all. 


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