Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Berpuasa di Perantauan

Selamat Berpuasa, everyone! 

Today is my first official day of fasting as I had to forego yesterday due to being a woman. But 19 hours not too bad I think. I mean that's if you're staying home all day and not doing much! Some of my friends are out and about traveling here and there and so that must've been a lot more challenging so I'm kinda glad I decided to stay put during Ramadhan. 

As I'm typing, I'm still feeling quite full from berbuka but I only have an hour to go to bersahur and drink as much water as I can to last the day! How!!!!

Times like this when you have to berbuka alone makes you wish you were home. Honestly, I don't mind staying here for the puasa month because I don't mind trying it out but also I wish I was home to berbuka with family and/or friends. The feeling is totally different and it's just so much more lively when you have everyone eating together. When I was in college, even when I was not with family, at least I had friends to enjoy berbuka with. Breaking fast alone... not so much fun. 


Mama's not in the photo because she's the one taking the pictures. Miss my mum!

I was planning to be a bit more healthy this Ramadhan, seeing how we only have a few hours between berbuka and sahur. I put on so much weight in my second year of uni because I would skip both breakfast and lunch and have a really heavy dinner so I'm a bit worried that that'll happen again. So I'm trying to plan out my meals and be more y'know healthy.

Like detox like that. 

I need to pack on more vegetables and fruits in my diet. Also, Googling more recipes on what is both healthy and sedap but man... tough. They all look... so... green. 

Nevertheless, I'm going to atleast try and have a healthier approach to my Ramadhan. Does that mean I don't miss eating my usual bazaar Ramadhan food?? NO??? Man, what I'd do for roti john and Mama's cucur udang...

But anyway! I hope that this Ramadhan will be a lovely one for everyone celebrating it. If you're home with family, I hope you spend it well and appreciate it! 

Selamat berpuasa, fast well, pray well, and be good with anyone and everyone! And let's all try to be a better daughter, son, grandchild, sister, brother, friend and Muslim in hopes that it'll carry with us even after this Ramadhan. 


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