Friday, July 22, 2016


So joy to the world; I graduated!!!! 

My graduation was on the 19th so my parents, Zaim and I drove to Bristol for the day. I wasn't nervous to be honest, because it wasn't like I had to do anything much other than salam. Well, it wasn't really salam. You had to have your hands in a prayer-ready position and the pro vice-chancellor (right?) would awkwardly cup your hands. I wonder why he does this and not just shake hands? Is it to save time? Is it just what they do around here? Hmm.

Anyway, the two good friends I spent basically the entirety of my degree life unfortunately didn't get to graduate the same time as I did so I was pretty lost and lonely. Which kinda dampened my day because I wanted to share it with them but I realise they must've been more upset than I was so for the sake of not letting that ruin my day, I took it in good spirits. 

The event wasn't long; a little under than an hour. Which was brilliant because I didn't wanna have to sit there for ages. The event was at a really pretty cathedral right infront of college green. ALSO just happened to apparently be the HOTTEST day of the year. And it very might've been. Under that robe, felt I was just radiating heat because it was just so warm. Sun was very bright and not a single cloud in the sky. Really, my dad and I tried finding one. Nada. Might have gotten a tan line on my forehead from wearing the mortar board. 

With my parents who always told me that it was the experience of living abroad that was going to be the best part of it all. 

It was seriously painfully bright.  

I was contemplating on wearing a skirt/blouse outfit or a batik baju kurung from my Mum's collection. Decided on the latter because thought it'd be more classic of a choice 10 years down the road. My mum wore a similar baju kurung for her graduation so I also thought it'd be rather nice and nostalgic for me to also wear a similar outfit. And this is my favourite baju kurung perhaps ever because I still can't get over how much I love the colour combination and the batik design is so beautiful and timeless!! 

If not for the conversations with my mum about her experience studying abroad, I wouldn't have known a single thing about furthering my studies in the UK. Thank you Mama, it was all because of you. 

With my brother who was very sweet enough to buy me flowers. With my mum's money and order of course but I mean, the gesture lah that counts. 

Wished Tania and Iman could've been here with me to celebrate this milestone of mine.

ALSO! Najihah came to see me from Cardiff. Her sister graduated not too long before me so she (and Ila and their mum) came over with flowers. LOVE her.

Aren't their robes really so pretty? They admired my baju kurung, calling it a 'dress' hehe

"Ok hmm now what"

Don't you just feel really warm and hot FOR me?? 

So very grateful and happy to my parents for always allowing me to do whatever I wanted to do and who always would go out of their way to make my siblings and I happy. Thanks for granting one of my many wishes dear Mama and Papa. 

So that sums up my graduation post! Can't believe I've done all three years of university just like that!! I've had the time of my life, that's for sure. Very different to what I've been used to and this was definitely something out of my comfort zone. Learned a lot and about 80% of it was outside the classroom. Hahaha don't get me wrong; I still studied. But I think I learnt a lot about adulthood and myself in general in these 3 years and I hope to be different (a good kind of different) when I come home. 

I'm forever grateful for the people I've met, for the things I've experienced and learnt, the places I've been, for the things I have, for experiencing all sorts of weather, for the times I had to learn how to do basic life skillz like washing laundry and keeping up with groceries at home. Just the small, little things that accumulated over the years that have been for me, life changing. 

The UK has been an incredible experience, I've enjoyed being a young adult living life abroad. All that homesick pettiness was just so temporary and I seriously did enjoy the company of friends and just being 20 year olds out and about in the UK. To be quite frank, I wished I did more for the sake of experience but I'm very content with all that I've done thus far. It's been just the greatest experience and I'm just really grateful that I even get to experience all this. 

I'm aware that so many people envy kids studying abroad because it IS a huge privilege and a luxury so everyday I'm thankful and I count my blessings. Take it all in, kids! When else do we get to live alone with friends abroad right???? I have a week til I go back home so although I'm looking forward to that, having to leave UK as a student for good is quite crazy to think about. Cannot believe almost three years ago, I was lugging my luggage to my then new home for the first time ever. Celebrated turning 21, 22 and 23 here!!!!! Hello???? That's a big deal for me!!! 

Will miss this place so much and I will always make it a point to come and visit in the future but it just won't be the same. So different being here a tourist and as a student.
For the time being, I'm just going to abuse my student status to get as much discounts as I can. 


P/S Also thanks everyone for the congratulatory wishes, definitely made graduating so so so much more fun.

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  1. YOU DID IT ALHAMDULILLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you my girl :')