Sunday, March 30, 2014


I'm supposed to start my work but ho hum.

I admit, I do read my old blog posts from time to time; to laugh, to reminisce, to see what I was doing on a specific date, to see how I've (hopefully) progressed in terms of my writing skills (my writing was laughable when I first started out, it's embarrassing). Sometimes, when I read my posts back and see a grammar mistake or a typo, I'll actually go and correct it. Even when I know nobody will read that far back.

And I've completed surveys on this blog and when I read them back, I'll be so embarrassed and go all "But whyyyyyyyyyy Nadia whyyyyyyy"

So I decide to do one today so I can go all "But whyyyyyyy Nadia whyyyyyy" again in the future.

Songs I've Had On Repeat

1 Beyoncé's 'Partition'. Ooh risqué.
2 Clean Bandit's 'Rather Be'.
3 Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire'.

TV Shows I've Been Loving

1. House of Cards. I don't know how I feel about this actually but I was sucked in and spent a good two to three days watching the whole 2 seasons. It's good but a weird kind of good. Kevin Spacey kut.
2. HIMYM is coming to an end in about 2 days time. SO MUCH FEELS!!!!! I've been watching this show for 9 years now, albeit on and off but I always come back to this show for my dose of good comedy.
3. Scandal. I've got such a love/hate relationship with that show.

(I didn't mention Grey's Anatomy because I've been loving that show ages ago so it's nothing new)

Things I'm Excited About

1. For the next 2 weeks to be over because that's when all my assignments are due. After that, I'll be a happy bunny.
2. My summer with Tanners!!!!!!! SOOO stoked for our little sissy bonding time.
3. Fashion Valet x Mimpikita's second collection hahahah I have Tania at the ready to buy on my behalf.

Things I Miss

1. Driving. Anywhere and everywhere. Driving.
2. Malaysian ringgit. Hahahahaha I miss having cash lah basically. I hardly ever have cash with me now because there's no purpose for it anymore sebab I don't like withdrawing money here. So yeah. Cash. I miss cash.
3. Taking photos with my camera. I sometimes despise my phone for having such a high quality built-in camera but I was browsing through my photos the other day and no matter how high tech your phone is, taking photos with a proper camera is second to none.

So now, the UK is officially back to being 7 hours behind Malaysia. I've lost an hour. So I'll sleep now.

It's important to at least have one good day in the week so I hope that day is tomorrow for you.

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