Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My whole family is in Penang for Pak Tok's birthday do last weekend. :((((((((((

Penang is my second home, I've been there so many times now and everytime I step into my grandparents' house, I feel so at peace and I'll be so happy. Because that house plays such a major role in my childhood. Every year, my parents would drive up to Penang and we'd spend our end year holidays (which at the time, coincided with Raya as well). And all our cousins would come to Penang as well so it was like a nice big reunion. Which obviously made my grandparents super happy. They love their grandkids because they would spoil us endlessly!! With good food, that is. Constant supply of food everyday. My grandmother practically lives in the kitchen throughout the stay there because she's always cooking something up.

For breakfast, my grandfather would wake up super early to get to the supermarket to buy all the nasi lemak and all the apam and my grandmother would cook curry to eat with bread and there'll be roti jala and roti canai and this and that. If it's raya, all sorts of lemang ketupat rendang kurma will be on the table.... for breakfast!!

And then for lunch, there would be WAY too many dishes from fish curry to chicken curry to fried chicken and ikan sambal and kangkung belacan especially for me. And of course udang kunyit. She'd spoil us silly. And after cooking, she'd come and sit at the table with us and ask

"Sedap ke? Why you all not eating!"

Completely unaware that I'm on my 3rd helping of rice.

Then there would be tea where Mak Tok would fry pisang goreng and Pak Tok would buy other kuih's for us.

I'm telling you, it's constant feeding time for us! But it's so nice to all come together and eat.

I'm quite glad that Papa brought us up with a special rule where everyone eats at the same time. If we don't, he'd be quite disappointed. I would understand why, he'd be working the whole day and we'd be busy with school work then or out and about so dinner time is the only time we'd get together as a family and eat. Even if sometimes it's just silence.


Maybe I'm just typing out the blog post because I've been super hungry these days. I just found a packet of ayam madu perencah and all I have to add is chicken and water. Simple enough kan??


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