Thursday, March 20, 2014

Face Mask Wednesday Specials

Marissa and I planned one night to stick to a diet.

No, not the kind of diet to lose weight. We ain't got time for that. This was particularly for our skin.

Our skin has been acting up and it's been annoying to deal with it so we decided to go on a strict no chocolate, no soft drinks, no fried food, no oily food for a whole month to see how things go and to see how effective it really is. Because if it's no difference, please hand me a bottle of Coke right this instance!!!!

I've been pretty good and seeing how I'm OBSESSED with my Freddo chocolates and Coke, I'm giving myself a well deserved pat in the back for surviving thus far. Only a week or two to go and I can finally eat my 2 favourite unhealthy things in the world!!

Anyway, we've given each other 3 times to succumb to our guilty pleasures. 3 chances. 3 strikes and you're out lah something like that. The first person to hit 3 strikes has to treat the other with a brand new lipstick.

So far, I've gone way more than 3 times but I didn't admit it .......... til Marissa did!!!! Hahahahaha so now we both owe each other a new lipstick.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still on my no chocolate bars no coke fast, it's just that I may have eaten fries at GBK and indulged in oily food.

I can't tear away!

We even scheduled a face mask day every Wednesday and to promise to drink green tea everyday. I haven't done that part yet because I keep forgetting to do it. Padahal I've already bought the green tea and it's in my kitchen just waiting for me to drink it???? Haih. It's amazing how lazy I am!

I'll start tomorrow.... promise!

xx from Marissa and I in our face masks......

Boys please form an orderly queue thank you very much.

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