Thursday, March 20, 2014


2 weekends ago, I was in Coventry for Warwick's Malaysian Night and last weekend I went for Manchester's Malaysian Night.

Safe to say, I'll be staying put in Bristol for hopefully a long time. Let's hope my itchy fingers won't book me a bus elsewhere.

Planned to go for Manchester since my Cardiff trip because Ha was there and she told me she'd be co-directing her Malaysian Night in Manchester and knowing how good of a show Ha can put up, I went.

And I did not regret that 4 hour bus ride! It was soooo good! They had a different spin to it and instead of a love story, they went with a Sherlock Holmes-esque production and I loved it! It wasn't a musical either so the actors didn't sing, they had dances instead; modern, Chinese, Malay, Indian. The script was super funny and I legit laughed out loud at some parts. I think I was most impressed with the number of cast and crew involved. There were so many extras and props throughout the whole play so it really felt like a proper play. I don't like when plays have like one chair and a table and it's supposed to indicate a café. Manchester's MNight had like 4/5 tables and chairs with waiters and customers and a till and the whole thing. It was properly thought out and the extras really made the scene more believable. All in all, I loved it!!!!

Manchester is also suchhhh a nice town. I don't know what about it but I like the place, so many places to eat and the city is so big! Compared to Bristol, it's huge! I was in awe 'cause they had a tram ???? Their public transport is so ace.

And they had a legit shopping mall. Like, it was huge and ok, the deco might have been a bit gaudy for my liking but they had Selfridges and all and it reminded me of KL's shopping malls and made me miss home where malls were a thing!

I just had a really good time in Manchester and it might be my favourite city besides Bristol and London of course.

Looking forward to go there again for the 1D concert in May (hey, pls don't judge, this blog is not for judging).


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