Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I turn 22!

Alhamdulillah, I am 22 !

What a lovely day, I was overwhelmed with the amount of love I got from the people I love most in this whole wide world!!! Very bersyukur and super grateful, masyaAllah.

I love birthdays because it's a celebration of life and it's the celebration of you and your existence to the people around you. Your family and friends celebrate you and that don't come always, don't it. So I took in as much of my birthday love as I could. 

I have always always always known that I've been blessed with the BEST company and the best life I can possibly wish for and ask for. I sound like a damn broken record but honestly, genuinely, I don't know how else to describe just how much I look at my life once in a while and see just how much this world I live in has given me, and the people I'm lucky enough to call my family and friends.

I started my 22nd birthday with my grandparents call and I mean, what a beautiful start already. I'm very close to my grandparents and I see them as my 2 pillars of strength and motivation and there are to me, the image of love and joy and I aspire to grow old like how they've grown old and to emulate their kindness and generosity into my life. I hope they know that I love them and that having them as my grandparents make my heart so full and I am very lucky to have grown older with them right beside me, teaching me on life and love and happiness every step of the way. 

And then after that, I got an Oovoo call from my best mates who gathered earlier before I joined the conversation and sang me Happy Birthday which was beautiful although I'm sorry guys that you had to sing 3 times! 

I feel so loved and I'm overjoyed with everyone's text messages to me and I can't get over just how sweet everyone is to me. 

I was just in the best of moods today because I was constantly receiving beautiful birthday messages from everyone that I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. 

Alhamdulillah, God has blessed me with the most amazing company and every day I thank Him for that but today, I spent a little longer praying to Him for all the wonderful wonderful things I have ever received in my life from the second I was born up to this very minute. It's truly humbling to know I have the best people around me and I really don't know where to begin to thank everyone for their kindness and love and warmth for lil' ol' me. 


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