Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tanners Turns 19!

I love that I have lots of very good friends around me. Both girls and guys. I will always have a group of friends whom I'm close enough to laugh stupidly and to pour out my heart to.

But my #1 bestfriend since birth is my darling darling sister, Tania or better known with me as Tanners. 

She turns 19 today and it feels pretty surreal because I was 19 almost 3 years ago and I was in KY then and omg time just whizzes by, don't it.

I looooove my sister and that's an understatement. She has been my roommate since forever and I love her to bits and pieces. She makes me laugh the kind of laugh I don't think anyone knows of and she and I are the only two people on this planet Earth who have seen the ugliest of the ugly of each other and we're so proud of it hahahaha 

Tania is honestly one of the funniest person I know and she doesn't even try. She can say something so absurd and stupid and I can laugh to the brink of bursting my gut! She makes my days and nights and what are sisters if not for our fights. We can have World War 3's at home and go on for not talking to each other for about half an hour and we're back to our normal selves. We've pulled each others hair, we've called each other names and we've screamed at each other and we've always wanted to strangle the other but we also have sister duets in the car, we discuss our future plans however ambitious they may be, we've planned our weddings and birthday parties way in advance, we are in sync with our music and movies and we cry over every little sad commercial, we've poured our hearts to each other even when lights are off. 

She has accomplished so much at her age and I'm very envious of what she's done but more than anything really, I'm so proud. Because she is one helluva determined and driven girl and even though she's younger than me, I look up to her always. For her drive and for her ambitions and for her vigour in life. She amazes me every single time and I'm very proud to be her sister.

I foresee many many beautiful things ahead of this girl and for every ups and for all her downs, I'll be by her side through and through. I don't make a lot of promises but I promise to always and forever be the best sister I can be for her because she deserves the ridiculously bright future she's working very hard for. 

You are my light and my stars and my moon, Tanners. You are my #1 best friend and will forever and ever be.


May Allah bless you and grant you with all the things that you wish and desire in life and may He always protect you. 

Happy Birthday, Tanners you amazing person you. Love you beyond words can describe. 

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