Saturday, January 31, 2015

Latest Obsession


Been a long time since I last blogged. I miss it and I do try to blog more but I always end up saving it into my drafts and forget all about it.

I haven't been up to anything new, to be frank. Been going to classes as usual and been fasting for most of this month so there really isn't anything new. Azam and I have declared a Puasa London for 2 months so that's for all of January and February. Hahaha so we're behaving and staying put in Bristol. I don't mind actually 'cause I love Bristol and it's so chilled for me so I don't mind not going to London for a bit.

My parents are very happy also, I'm sure hahaha

It's Friday now and I've just finished all 3 of Shonda Rhimes' shows (that's Grey's Anatomy, HTGAWM and Scandal). Scandal, for me, was the BEST of the three just 'cause it had a lot more going on than the other two. But still lovin' it in Shondaland. I still haven't watched the latest of Suits though. But I'm still glad that all of them are back! I look forward to my Fridays even more now yayayayayyyyy

Also, if you don't follow me on Twitter or on my Snapchat then you won't know this but...

... guys...

... I am obsessed...

... with Korean dramas...


But guys, I gave in. And watched one drama. And then another drama. And then another drama.


I've even gotten my sister to watch it and she's like crazy over it also!!!! Sampai tahap she's actually properly planning a trip to Seoul this August hahahahahahaha

I don't know how else to say it lah because the majority of my friends who will read this would just roll their eyes and go "omg nadia don't go on to the dark side, don't turn kpop!" but guys, ferreal.

I, myself, didn't know I was going to be so into it! It all started with Running Man and then from then on, I just allowed myself to watch ONE  tiny episode of ONE tiny drama and one thing lead to another and now, I find myself Tumblr-ing 'Kim Woo Bin' and typing in "Korean dramas of 2013/2014" on Google.



I'm crazy over it.

I love it. 

Call me whatever but I don't care because it's THAT good! I'm sorry to all the people who I've rolled eyes at at the mention of 'Korean' anything because I take it all back!!! It's like, my life now. And like, I'm not even ashamed about it no more.

I was actually surprised to see how good the dramas were. From the acting to the script to the music to the filming all. I guess they kinda have to be because their entertainment industry is so prominent now and it's such a huge thing. I'm just late to the party and I'm only realising it now but as my dad would say when he drops me off to school like half an hour late, "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER".

(My life now)

I've only watched like 2 so far but am looking forward to spending my days and nights watching more so if you have any recommendations, do tell! 

(and like over the course of idk 3 weeks, I've cried more for these dramas and the characters more than anything lah, what the hell man)

Ok bye going to continue watching Doctor Stranger and School 2013 and Running Man and Roommate now haih I just love the weekends



  1. I love how your post is slowly turning into korean stuff and the fact that you are slowly transforming into Korean drama/ kpop fans is kinda amazing. It reminds me of how i was turned to one. I was just like you. I was very judgmental towards those Kpop fans who were obsessed with the flower boys and everything...then things just.. happened. It all began when i was so bored one day that i borrowed my friend's hard disk to see if she has any good movies to watch. Then i saw this one folder that says 'Boys over flowers' so i thought maybe i should give it a try. First episode was cheesy as hell, i thought this is not my thing. Then i tried watching the 2nd episode...then i got hooked. Too obsessed that i slept at 6am this one time because I CANNOT STOP WATCHING despite having classes the next day. Then one day i saw my friend watching a variety show called "Hello Baby". Its about this bunch of good looking guys (which i later found out it was SHINee) looking after a baby on their own. One thing led another, i start googling about these guys and can't help but my eyes keep noticing this one guy named MinHo. So yep, i was slowly becoming one of those Kpop fans i once despised. That was in 2011. 4 years to today, i am now pro-Kpop fans, been to Korea, went to SMTown, got a close up video of Luhan that i captured myself, can read and write Hangul (only basic level) and my biggest achievement of all, i managed to convert my housemates into Kpop fans too (so now i have kpop buddies)

  2. Hehehe, right??? OMG I love meeting kpop fans because amongst my friends, I'm the only one yg hardcore so I don't really get to spaz and fangirl as much as I'd like!!

    I'm going to Korea end of this month and I'm sooooooo EXCITED!!!!! Can't wait to see all of it!!!!!
    Best kan Korea Korea ni sumpah it's all I ever do and get involved with these dayss!!!