Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015 Favourites

I just realised this doesn't make sense. That I'm doing a 'January Favourites' when it's only so early on in January hahahahha ok total fail. Just look at it as what I've been enjoying for the past month lah k. I'll correct it next month hahah

To be quite honest, I have not stepped out of the house AT ALL since the 29th of December when I got back from London.

So I guess you can say, I haven't really seen 2015 out yet.

Which really questions my social life.

I have exams in a couple of days so I've been occupying myself with my Economics book and lecture notes and all that boring jazz. After my last paper on the 12th, I have a week off 'til classes start again. I'm not really looking forward though because my schedule is ridiculously hectic. I have so many 9am starts which is far from funny because geez, even the thought of walking that steep uphill is making me tired. Hwaaaaa cry me a river, everyone.

I'm doing this Favourites blog post a little earlier because I reckon I'm going to do my last-minute revisions on the 7th (what's new, really). I mean, I could do it later but I've been itching to blog now so figured why not at 5 am in the morning zzz


Don't have any new favourites because I'm really very boring when it comes to music so I've just been listening to the same ol' tunes. I have, however, been listening to random music on Spotify because I wanted to do a little holiday video compilation so I needed some background music and some that I've found were really up my alley

Lindsay Lowend's 'GT40'
Blackbird Blackbird's 'Happy High'
Harrison's 'Still Anticipating'
Teams vs. Star Slinger 'Punch Drunk Love'

Give them a listen because they're all such good music to chill out to and just really gives good vibes. Lahv itt!

(Edit : Jessie Ware. Jessie Ware. Jessie Ware. Dare I say the female version of Ed Sheeran? Yes. I'm so glad for the existence of Spotify because I wouldn't have known about her! Amazing. My favourite is 'Say You Love Me'. Just give it a listen and thank me later please thanks xx)


'13 Going on 30'. Puchee slept over my place the other day and we watched this movie and I've forgotten just how much I love this movie! In fact, I think I love it more now that I'm a bit older to understand. I mean, I've always thought it was a great movie but damn, when we rewatched it, we were just IN LOVE and Jen Garner is ridiculously so underrated, she's such a good actress. Mark Ruffalo tu jangan cakap lah, he can act anything and still ace everything lah. But yeah, this movie is definitely up there in my list of favourite chick flicks ever.

Fashion x Shopping

I don't know why I've only gotten on the whole leather jacket bandwagon. I've only got one that's in light pink but I'm digging the style. Obviously, it's too cold to wear one now but I think I might get myself one for the Spring/Summer climate soon (which btw I'm counting the days to, heck, I even Googled, 'when exactly does it get warmer in the UK?' but damn it, 'March and April' is not good enough of an answer, Google!!!) and pretend I'm all bad-ass with my black leather jacket....

.... I can almost hear laughs from here, guys....

I'm also slightly frantically obsessed with co-ords and an all-white ensemble. So chic and so effortless and anyone and everyone just looks good in a tailored white shirt and trousers.

So put-together and so timeless this trend is! 


I've mentioned this in my last Favourites blog post but I've taken a lot on my dad when it comes to his personal aesthetics - that of minimalism. In this case, less is always always more and clean lines and structures are so God damn attractive to me! I even have a document folder on my laptop for all these photos for future references hehe

Who wouldn't want to come home to a place like this?!?!?!


Now that school has resumed, I think everyone might be on their post-holiday depression phase still. I know I am! I've even checked when my next holidays are and have been mentally taking notes on where I wanna go for the Easter break. Hahahaha such a long way to go (and so many horrendous 9 am classes away) but a girl can dream... and organise ahead!!!

I have Vienna and Budapest in mind because they look absolutely stunning in photos so I can only imagine how beautiful they really are up close. I'm also looking to go on an all-girls getaway.... but we'll see how that goes hahahaha

Hope you're well and cheers to a bloody good year ahead!


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