Thursday, June 25, 2015

Long way to go

As years pass, we see an increasing amount of students leaving Malaysia to study abroad.

Now, if every Malaysian students were to come back to Malaysia with the habits they've learned from the Westerners, I really strongly believe this country can improve itself.

It's the Malaysians that are ruining Malaysia lah. Why are we so rude and so inconsiderate. We are very selfish in nature and it's sad to see.

Our customer service in shops, for example, is a cry for help. I was in Forever 21 (OU branch just to let you know) just now and as I was at the cash counter, the cashier was playing her phone.


In what parallel universe is it ever okay to have your phone out during working hours while a customer is in front of you? I had to let out a small cough and say, "Excuse me?" before she looked up and proceeded in oh idk actually doing her job?!?!? Honestly. How rude. If I hadn't said, "Thank you and selamat berbuka!", she would have just passed me my things without smiling nor a 'Thanks!' and go on playing her phone. I mean, really. How hard is it to forego your phone during your working hours. What does that say about the management and staff. I've not worked in retail but I'm pretty sure, playing with your phone during work is not something your manager would be okay with.

Look, what I'm getting to is that as someone who has been fortunate enough to further their studies abroad, I feel like it's almost my responsibility to bring some things that I've learned from there to this country. Bayangkan if all the Malaysian students studying abroad brought back a good habit like smiling and tanya khabar and berterima kasih, this country would benefit lots and lots from people like that. It's a shame how when someone does one nice thing to us, we are shocked and surprised. It should be a norm. A norm so much so that being treated nicely by other people shouldn't be news anymore. It should be a norm. You should be grateful, yes but it should be something that occurs so often, it wouldn't faze you anymore.

From smiling to another person out of just common courtesy to saying, "Thank you, have a nice day!" to the cashier or sales assistant in the shop or anyone lah for that matter. And holding the doors for people, helping people out with small favours or just being plain ol' friendly. We lack this and if we don't correct it soon enough, this country might go to shits, to be very honest.

Was in Tesco's the other day and there were trolleys everywhere blocking the vacant parking spaces. I grouped them together and pushed them to the allocated trolley keeping space. My mum signalled me saying "tak payah!", saying I shouldn't do it (my mum is an incredibly beautiful person both inside and out so don't get me wrong because she wasn't saying I shouldn't push the trolley carts back to where they belonged but she signalled me to show that she had enough space to park and I didn't have to push the carts anymore) and when she got out of the car, I just told her,

"Mum, if I want to see a change in this country, I should at least start somewhere and if that somewhere is by pushing the trolley carts to the proper allocated space as oppose to blocking people from parking properly, then that's perfectly fine."

Be the change you want to see, my friends! If you want to see the culture of holding doors for people be a permanent thing, you just have to start by doing it yourself. You can't expect this country to change if you yourself are unwilling to change.



  1. Love what you said to your mum about the trolleys. You have a very very kind heart babes, and I totally agree with what you wrote here. I'm also trying to do the little things like holding the door open for people in the hopes that they will return the favour to others. I really really hope that our small efforts will start a chain reaction! xxx

  2. Thank you darling girl, means a lot!!! xxxx p/s blog more pls tx