Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Room Makeover!

So it's 6:43 am and I'm still up...

I slept for a bit at 1 and woke up at 5:30. Hmm, not really doing well with this jet lag of mine.

So I'm currently waiting for my Korean show to fully stream and whilst doing that, I'm dancing to Big Bang's Bang Bang Bang (I, myself don't know why I like this but it's so catchy and addictive... and that GD though...), looking at shops online and waiting for Kakak to bring back nasi lemak from the makcik selling down the road (I had 2 packets yesterday).

SO happy to be home!!! Over the moon kinda happy. This country can frustrate and upset me in more ways than one but man, it's where the heart is. This is why I feel like I can never pack up and move elsewhere, I'd be too homesick 4 months in.

When I came home, I saw that my grandfather redid his room here in my house and it has a nice pretty bathroom and a bigger bedroom so I felt like it's about time I change things up in here also. I'm going to repaint the walls, buy new furniture and change the curtains and lights and hang new things in place of the horribly cringe-worthy things I have up on my wall now.

I'll do a before and after photo and some in-progress photos. Quite excited! I'm actually already going to go to Ikea tomorrow to get some things and buy paint also.

On an another note, Ramadhan is coming!!!! How fast did that go by, right? Looking forward to berbuka puasa with family and friends in the near future and hoping to have the loveliest and most wonderful Ramadhan this year.


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