Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ramadhan '15 Day 1

I should really start making a category of posts of just me blabbering away at 4-5 am.

I've just finished Sahur, which was just nasi goreng. And?!?!?! I had only like a small portion of ONE SERVING ??!?!?!? Do you not understand how major that is in my world?!? I'm no stranger to being shameless and leaving the table again and again to get more and more rice so this was big for me.

After being told countlessly how round I've become (it only shows in my face lah ok people WHY so kecoh!!), I've decided to be better with my eating proportions this Ramadhan (because I know that ain't happening in Syawal let's be honest) and to not overbinge when eating. I always do this and it was my biggest mistake when in Bristol (I'd skip breakfast and lunch but go all out for dinner... eep). So I've decided to take hold of my eating habits and try and restart my metabolism. So by Syawal, I won't look so bulat for Raya photos hahahah

But of course, if you all know me, you would know that I have a rather small frame and I've never been """fat""" all my life because lucky me, I've been quite blessed with a speedy metabolism system and I can get away with eating a lot a lot a lot of food and still not put on major weight. So naturally, I'm not really moved with any comments about my weight because according to BMI, I'm 'normal' so I'm not going to do anything stupid like not eat and all that just 'cause of a few comments. I'm just trying to approach what everyone would call a 'diet' and be more healthy over this Summer. I was an absolute bum in the UK so I'm trying to be better in terms of my body and health overall (I'm still gon' eat all the nasi daun pisang in the world c'mon y'all know me).


Salam Ramadhan, everyone reading this!! May you have a blessed and beautiful Ramadhan, let it be here in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world, whether you are celebrating the first day of Ramadhan bersahur and berbuka seseorang diri or with a whole bunch of your family!

Ramadhan is a month to do good and be good so I hope everyone is doing that! Let's try to be the best version of ourselves this month for the sake of Allah and for the sake of ourselves. May this Ramadhan be the start of an eternity of doing good and being good.

Just 'cause you're hungry, don't mean you get to be moody, ok!

And to anyone reading this, I'd like to take a sincere timeout and ask for forgiveness for any and every wrongdoing I've done as it wasn't my intention to do so, really!! I'd like to think I'm a nice person and that I do the best I can to be nice to a lot of people but I am human and so I'm not excused from perhaps doing something that mightve couldve wouldve hurt someone so I'd like to say sorry and i don't mean it!

Wishing everyone a lot of light and love this Ramadhan! 여러분 화이팅!


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