Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Azam Turns 22!

(Cardigan from Urban Outfitters, camisole from H&M, pants from Mimpikita and heels from Charles and Keith which I bought on the day of the dinner itself 'cause I left my one good pair in Bristol lol)

I've just come to the sound conclusion that no matter how I pose in photos or no matter how I dress, I can't seem to appear tall at all in photos. Give up!

This was on Monday night for Azam's birthday surprise! His birthday was in June but he was still in the UK then so we pushed it forward to July 6th.

How cute gambar sekolah hahahaha I love me friends and it's always always so fun meeting them up for lunch/dinner once in a while, I need to soak all of our outings properly because we're all going to be quite busy quite near in the future and I can't come to terms yet that we're all adults now and no more going back and forth from college to home anymore brb crying the Han river I mean can you imagine when we're all married with family??? How else are we going to meet up like this anymore ????????? BRB crying the Han river again


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