Friday, July 10, 2015

Number 76

Just had my first Number 76 experience! For those who don't know what Number 76 is, it's a hair salon renowned for its hair colouring services. And I did just that. I booked an appointment via online and asked for their senior director, Amy to help me out since Sarah told me she was good. I went for the one in Bangsar 2 which is situated behind Nirwana so it's facing the residential area near the Pos Malaysia. There are many other locations; there's two in Bangsar alone and in Publika, Mid Valley and Starhill if I'm not mistaken. Most, if not all, of the hairstylists have their own Instagram account associated with Number 76 so they mainly upload photos of their work on clients. It's a great way of finding your ideal hair colour, really. Just search hashtag 'number76' and you'll just find random stylists' from different branches.

So anyway!

I really really love the outcome of my hair colour. I previously coloured my hair with my usual hairdresser in OU but one thing led to another and well, let's just say, I wasn't really happy with the end result. It looked a bit off and did not suit my skin colour at all! So I waited for a few weeks before I went for another hair colouring session.

A good friend of mine, Sarah, went to do her hair there and I felt like I needed a change of scenery hahaha so I decided to just colour my hair at Number 76. I mean, might as well, right? Seeing how Raya is just 'round the corner, I wanted to change my hair.

I decided to just go back to being dark haired. Being adventurous with my hair has never been in my favour so I wanted to just play safe.

Consultation with Amy literally took what? 3 minutes? I just told her I wanted to go dark and with a tinge of an ash brown undertone. She didn't personally colour my hair for me but it didn't really matter, to be honest. It's just hair colouring and I assume the requirements to work in a well-known salon would be quite high so I just entrusted my hair to them. Berserah kinda thing. Hahaha

I really did not feel the 2 hours go by. It was so sekejap! Maybe I had a book to accompany me but reallly, it was very easy and quick and I didn't have to go through any sort of steamer or that heater thing that circles your head about a hundred times over. My hair was just wet with dye and just that. Nothing else.

Shortly after, I just followed the girl to wash my hair and that was it.

A fairly simple process but I love my hair now! It's very natural and it blends easily. The ash brown I asked for is very subtle and you won't probably see it under low-lighting but that was I wanted. I didn't want to have an obvious ash colour because like I said, I just wanted to go back to being dark-haired. I just wanted to try out the ash so as to not have my hair looking too flat.

AND I got a 20% discount so it worked out cheaper than at my old hairdresser's place. Man, I love myself a good discount. And I got a member card which I think just collects points (?) and you just redeem that for your next visit.

I'm not being asked to blog about my experience whatsoever, by the way. I just really like my hair colour now hahaha


EDIT : So it's been about almost 3 weeks since I coloured my hair and it has definitely turun colour. It's now not the colour as pictured in photo above; it's gone a bit brown now. Kinda like my previous colour only not so obvious. Such a pity though (and I'm quite annoyed and disappointed) because I really liked the colour in the picture!!!!!!!! 

EDIT #2 : I'm a month in with my new dark hair colour (from a different hairdresser!) and it's still the same colour as the first day I had it done. Which is bloody brilliant. And I've been washing my hair every single day! It hasn't faded one bit! 

I don't know if this applies to the rest of Number 76's customers but the hair colour I got from them, although beautiful at first, faded way too quickly and way too easily! And I followed exactly what the hairdresser at 76 told me to do which was to use proper hair treatment for coloured hair. I swear, this hair colour didn't even last 3 weeks on me! Taught me a good lesson; to always stick to what's good for you! Sorry Number 76, really wanted to like you but after having my hair recoloured by my ol' trusty hairdresser, I have to be the unpopular minority to not like the quality of your hair colouring! 

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  1. Assalamualaikum sis.
    Di mana tempat sis warnakan rambut tu?
    I ve been searching and tempted to do hair coloring in number 76 and I ve been searching for how long the hair color would last after the process.
    And there was no single person who actually testify how long the hair color from number76 lasted.
    And finally I found your blog, gosh, u are my savior.
    (dan dah faham kenapa tak ada orang review tentang warna rambut mereka luntur).
    Tolong, tolong, saya sangat-sangat mahu tahu di mana tempat yang sis warnakan rambut itu!

    Please share di sini di mana sis buat, atau email saya di
    Thanks tau!