Friday, July 31, 2015

Seoul Day #1



Y'all know by now that I have been completely immersing myself in Korean culture; music, movies, dramas, TV shows, celebrities (everyone from singers, actresses to comedians and sportsmen), language, way of life, skincare, EVERYTHING.

So Tania and I have been planning on coming to Seoul since early this year. We got around to buying the flight tickets just before Raya and settled the accommodation rather quickly.

So before we know it, we're here in blazing hot SoKo!!!! Man, it's hot. We knew it was going to be hot, but didn't know to this extent. I think it's cause I'm so used to having air conditioner everywhere I go, so the heat here is ridicccccc.

Once we've settled in our accommodation, we got ready to leave for Myeongdong. The first thing we bought was at this ├╝ber cute shop just right beneath us called 'Butter'. Has the cutest things from cooking utensils to selfie sticks. So we bought fans because it was too hot to bear and the ventilation system for the subway is crazy.

Yes, you read that right, 12000W which would mean less than RM40 ok what the that is cheap for a cute top!!!!! 

We were walking along Myeongdong and came across this clothes shop that lead to a downstairs area and lo and behold, it was this hidden gem of a clothes store. I was so rambang mata, and there were relatively cheap!! I feel like I should get nice clothes whilst I'm here because the choices are endless! It's so difficult to get nice clothes in KL because you mainly only rely on mainstream stores like Zara and Topshop and they're so boring now. We left the store empty handed because we felt like we spent a lot on skincare before that so decided to leave this for another day. Y'know, give some time for our wallets to breathe a little.

My trusty fan. Seoul is sooooo humid and a lot of people (including men) were fanning themselves so Tania and I got one for ourselves too. Mine's banana patterned and ain't it the cutest darn thing.

It's only been one day in for us but I'm already so inspired, fashion wise! They dress so so so so so simply, like t-shirt with culottes but they carry it off so well! Most of their shops are right up my alley as they carry a lot of clothes that mainly cater to the Korean fashion taste and it's so damn spot on! Can't wait to go see more of Korean fashion stores !!!! And spend a bomb !!!!!! (sorry Mum you had to know what was coming, this was a given)

We had dinner at a buffet somewhere on like a 4th floor of a building and we could see the streets of Myeongdong from our view which was ace!

After dinner, we just headed home because we were SO exhausted from all the walking. We are currently residing in an apartment in Hongdae so it's quite a distance to go to Myeongdong but man, worth the walk (and pain that follows after).

Myeongdong was so awesome, I absolutely loved it!!! Can't wait to go again hehe


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