Monday, May 12, 2008

coffee, tea or me ?

I'm so stressed.
It's very unnecessary, y'know.
I wanna be like her.

Today was Geography, Science Paper 1 and 2. I slept at 2 the night before (which is nothing new these days) due to cramming my freakin' brain with freakin' facts. I woke up at 6, goddamnit. I was so sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

Geography paper was okay. I studied like shit. I got 73% the test before which is very frustrating cause it's a mark away from an A. I had better get an A this time. But the smart people (namely Najihah, Natrah cause they're infront of me) talks about their answers and makes me uncomfortable. So, after checking my answers 2 times, i slept. I was too sleepy, serious shit. It was craaaazy. Was never THAT sleepy. Cikgu Yu's voice woke me up. -_-" Next paper was Science Paper 1. That too, was alright. I would love to say it was easy but i don't want to cause nanti tak dapat A, malu gila babi. Hahaha

BUT.. it all came crashing down with Science Paper 2. I don't know about y'all but it was quite hard for me. ESPECIALLY QUESTION NUMBER 7. I SWEAR, I COULD KILL IT IF WERE A LIVING THING. But it's not, so..

I slept too after checking my (stupid) answers. I woke up and it was already time to pass the paper up. I didn't realise i was in such deep sleep cause when i woke up, my foot and hands were so numb, i couldn't move it at all. I had to move my hand vigorously to make it better.

But it didn't.

It made it worse. Cause for me, the 2nd stage after being all numb, is the pins and needles feeling. And that one lagiiiiiii saaaaaaaakiiiiiiiit.
My foot pun. I seriously couldn't move it. And i couldn't stand up straight. It was like i was falling. I had a major headache. And when going down the stairs, i had to hold Najihah's hand to keep me standing straight and from not falling. It was horrible. The sun was piercing. I had to squint my eyes which DID NOT help the fact that i was already pening gila babi.


Went to KAYU to eat and Mama had to go to the bank. She said 'Just a quickie'. Apparently, a quickie means 45 minutes (or more). I slept cause my head was killing me. My body was hot (not 'hot' sexy. Hot 'panas') and i was sweating in the car. I went straight up to my room after arriving, on the aircond and slept like shit.
Til 7. Bathe, ate porridge. I'm still pening.



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