Monday, May 19, 2008

free world,

i have a choice. to voice out or to just shut up. it has an equal share of pros and cons.

1) It proves that i'm not going to lose just yet
2) I don't want to look like a pathetic lame ass.

1) Nanti ada orang terasa, pastu buat kecoh satu dunia
2) Too lazy to care, i got other things that are freakin' WORTH my time

1) So it won't waste up my time
2) I appear to be the better one because i have shut the hell up

1) It'll make me appear as the weak one as well.
2) She wins

I need my friends.
Let's get a mani, eat like shit and laugh the crap off
I need it.

p/s : Kau jangan la perasan yang about me aku tu untuk kau.
I had no intentions to do it for you in mind. Please la, i got better things on my hands. Cakap dah tak nak layan. Fine, i pun la kan. Pastu when i did that about me, kau nak terasa apa hal. I swear on my mum that it wasn't for you. Cakap je orang syok sendiri kan. I wrote my post on that blog (which apparently you terasa also), like when this thing was on it's peak. When i could hear someone shouting out NAJIS from above. Tu dah over dah kan. You don't know that person well, mana boleh doh panggil orang cam tu. Bitch kira ok lagi. Najis dah over cam sial. God's creation najis la eh ? I didn't know that. -_-" I was backing up my friend. Salah sangat ke ? Before that incident, aku tak ingin la nak tulis post untuk kau. I only wrote it cause you went too far panggil orang najis. Kalau ya pun aku tulis, aku tak letak pun url aku terbentang kat myspace. Anak Puan Mazliza berperangai buruk ? Heh. Macam kau tak.

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