Saturday, May 24, 2008

more me,

The holidays are here !
And i started it off with watching Gossip Girl. It's so delicious. To be precise, CHACE is delicious. Yum-my. Hehe
Today was good too. Went to One Utama with grandparents and mum. Got a top from Topshop and Zara. Ate lunch at Ms Read. Came back, was awfully tired so slept and woke up to an empty house. Heh.

I'm too lazy to elaborate or Teachers Day, choral speaking competition and such.

I'm so blank right now, mannnnn. I so wish for a holiday overseas. Right now, i would do (almost) anything for London and/or Europe. Though, it's quite impossible cause crappy PMR is like a few months away. WHICH reminds me, i have to freakin' finish my Geo folio. SHIT. I'm so dead. AND my bm folio. I'm so dead. I promised mum i'd have an equal share of outings and trips to the library. Which is fair enough. Maybe not. The more i go out, the more i have to study. The less i go out, the more i have to study too. Ooookay, i got tricked. Hahahahahahahahhaha
I don't know why i laughed.

Everyone's blog has all those emo posts and i realise i don't really have one. An emo post i mean. Where they talk about life (and death) and being all heartbroken. Maybe because i haven't been heartbroken. Or maybe, i have but i don't share it with everyone. That's one thing you should know about me. I don't share.

I've given career a thought or two. I can't really figure out what that i want to pursue. My dream is for fashion, ofcourse but chances of me getting big is not so bright. Malaysia isn't really too big on fashion, now is ittttt ? The designers here are crappy. They design crap. Not really, but you get the point. It's too hedious to bare. I mean, seriously, do you HAVE to incorporate batik in EVERYTHING ? I know la, it's Malaysia's pride and joy but like, they are different things you could freakin' experiment.
-_-" And they're (Malaysian designers) too over. Like, every outfit is not compete with frills (and shrills) . Ee. Can't you just design a simple black dress without any frills, glitter, sequins, BATIK ? ICK ICK ICK. Ok, back to the topic. Like i said, if i were to launch my so called fashion career here in Malaysia, i don't think i'll do to well. Which is so heartbreaking (HEY, this can be my first heartbreak!). So, maybe i'll opt for hm ? Law.
EVEN the name is boring. 3 letters. WHAT THE HELLL ? But hell, i can put up for an argue. And that's what they do, right ? Argue. And sign papers. Shouldn't be hard.
Or.. i could be a graphic designer. That's more me, right ? Compared to law ? I mean, i could study in England and be a kick-ass graphic designer. That's an idea. But i suck at arts. But then again, i could learn. Like everyone else.
ORRRRR.. i could be a fashion editor like Anna Wintour. Ok, maybe not like her. Cause i'd have to get that bob hair cut and Fendi mink coats. And get my nose repositioned to be higher so i can give everyone the impression that i'm stuck up. Haha. But really, i already love fashion and magazines. Fashion editor is a job which includes both of my love. I could be a stylist for the photoshoot and get to be all bossy because hey, that IS what i do best.
Maybe a business woman ? What i could pretty much gurantee about being in business is that, chances of you getting really really rich, is very high. And it pretty much comes down to that, right ? Being rich. Ok, not in that sense. But being successful and comfortable. I mean, you're going to have a family to support. In the words of Kimora, 'I bring back the bacon. And Hassan cooks it'. I find that funny cause Hassan's her personal chef. Hehehe.

But, still, my heart still goes to fashion. It's ridiculous, i know. But you can never take the fashion out of me. And you can't take me out of fashion. It goes something like that lah. Hahahaha

All i know is that, when i grow up, i wanna be the same 15 year old girl you see now. Minus the pimples and awkward phase that i'm going through. Also, the bad hair days.
I want to be a super mum who gets her kids ready in 10 (which bytheway, is impossible). I want to be a wife to the most amazing guy everrrrrr. I want to be the daughter who never forgets her parents. I want to be the friend that i am now. I still want to go out an get a manicure with Sarah when she and I have kids. I still want to go out with Rachael, Ashley, Karen and everyone when i'm 30. I still want that when i grow up. I still want to come back to this house and sleep in my room with the iPod blasting loud. I don't want to let go of this phase just yet. I'm having too much fun loving it.


P/S : My first post where i really pour out my heart. Something that DOESN'T relate to guys and crushes. More me.

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