Friday, May 30, 2008


i'm a girl with needs. even the queen gets bored.

i need new things constantly, let it be new shoes, haircut or personality. i get bored with things really easy. which is bad.

i get frustrated when i don't understand things, which happens almost always. it's like you have to repeat the same thing 30 times for me to really register in my head which is i know, very annoying. believe me, it's even more annoying to be the one who's asking you to repeat. it makes me feel stupid.

i care about what other people think. i care about what they feel. i watch my words. i don't just say it without realising how much it hurts. the reason i do this (trust me, i really don't want to) is because alot of people out there have done it to me. said things that was very ouch-worthy but i'm a natural in flashing a fake smile, so hey.

i lie so much, i should get an award. but i lie in the sense that it's for the good, y'knw. soooooooo..

i really really really really really want to go to London to study. i don't mind leaving home for awhile, though i will miss practically everything, i really really really really still want to go to London.
study what ? god knows la kan

i have hard time committing. like now, i can't even think of what to type in. i feel like deleting everytime and forget about the whole post. but it feels like a waste. so why not just go on. like i said, i hate committing to one thing UNLESS though, unless i have a burning passion for it. right now, it's only fashion that i can keep up with. i went to a piano class like when i was 7 or 8, stopped like a few months later. mainly cause i didn't like the teacher. but i think, the thought of practicing EVERY WEEK is a nightmare. like, i don't even have to GO classes. the class is just downstairs. i have a piano so there's no need to actually go to a centre. EVEN THAT, I CAN'T DO. WHAT THE MOTHER FATHER ?! HAHAHAHAH

i hate braggers. who doesn't, right ? but i hate them to the max. seriously, i can't stand people who tells about their too good to be true adventures. it's not real at all. i can tell liars cause i'm one, remember ? -_-" i can tell if you're telling the truth or not. so don't bother brag. personally, i think if you brag, it proves that you really are desperate for attention. you don't have to tell people that you went to London and bought Louboutin (totally exaggerating, bytheway. Louboutin's cost more than your wardrobe and mine combined, no shit) shoes. PUH-LEASE. keep it on the low, man. you're no millionaire, so don't act like one.

i have a bunch of friends whom i miss so much.

Aina, Shira, Kyrina
They're my bestest bestest best friends. They're the one i can act totally myself. Like really really really really really myself. Not even like the one you see in school. They know me well. I love them to millions bit of pieces.

Fatimah, Amal, Illi
Also my bestest bestest best friends. They are honestly, about the nicest people you can ever find on this planet earth. Seriously. ESPECIALLY FATIMAH. Ohmygod, are you kidding me ? She's so nice, i could kill her for it. And they're totally funny. I could laugh like crap. Not just them la. Like, there was Hazirah, Shu, DINA (OHMYGOD, I MISS HER LIKE FREAKIN' CRAZY MUCH) I used to actually when i was at SMKBSD1. I never laughed so hard. I don't think i have ever since. Like, around my friends. I miss them a kabillion. They're fantastic. gila babi punya rindu sial korang, eeeee.

ok, i'm blank now.

i'm a very hard person to please. i have way too high expectations, it's sickenning. Nothing impresses me too much. Ok, maybe some but rarely. I don't laugh at people's joke, i just fake laugh. That's why buying clothes can get tough. NOTHING FREAKIN' IMPRESSES ME. It's hard on me, hahahaha.



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