Tuesday, May 20, 2008

huge grudge,

I swear, Erin Fetherston is the modern age Marie Antoinette. Only that, Erin's not a Queen and we eat more than cake.

I can't watch my Gossip Girl.
It's so depressing
It's so sad
It's so

.. i'm out of words.

I think i shall crash Asyraf's house.
I need, no MUST watch it. It's getting annoying when they tell me what's going on. I try to stop them. They don't listen. Not surprised.

I realised that i want so many things. I need a new haircut which i shall get this holidays. And i need to have new shoes. Cause my platforms died and went to heaven. My flats are too small to fit a bird. And my slippers are getting old. So, really, i have no shoes. That's way depressing. Way. I mean, i don't mind paying alot for shoes. It's something i use everyday so it had better be comfortable. I saw this sandals from Topshop in KLCC cause really, the one at OneUtama is kinda, sorta, mmmaybe pathetic. Compared to the other branches, it's tiny. But whatever. I need shoes. Let it be gladiator sandals that screams Mischa Barton or leather pumps, i need a new pair.

I also need a new bag. My MiuMiu is boring. It's beigey pink so it's a bit hard to match. Hohum. Prada anyone ?

OH, i want a polaroid camera. They're so cool they just might make ice cubes look bad. Ok, cheesy. Syakir wants a fish eye. He already has an SLR one so i don't see why he needs another uber cool camera. I HAVE to stop using the word 'cool'. It's tacky like MC Hammer's pants.

I shall hit the books.


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