Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arc De Triomphe

My new motivation to study. If I do well this year, I'm going to ask for the ultimate trip to Europe. So therefore, my new found determination to study.
Schools tomorrow and it'll be our last first day and I'm torn as to feel stoked or sad. Maybe I should capture some Kodaks for the sake of it. Besides, I predict no sort of studying will be accomplished tomorrow so why not eh.

Procrastination be damned. My New Years resolution (notoriously known to be broken by the 2nd week of the year but whatever) is to avoid putting off things and get to them immediately because in the end, I got nothing to lose anyway. Besides, it's just one year, I see no harm going all out. And I want and need to perform my prayers as often as I can.

Sounds ambitious enough kan. It can be done.. I hope.

Cheers !

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