Saturday, January 16, 2010


And up til now, sometimes when my dad tells a fact about the mind, he'll put his two fingers to his head and say 'Unagi' like how Ross did. I freaking love Friends, always have always will ♥

Slept at 2 in the morning yesterday after skyping with none other than Hafiz. Talked about colleges even though our tak sit pun lagi for our first intervensi zzz. Hahaha harapan besar. Lawak gila babi when he said "John, when I say UM, I'm not talking about Universiti Malaya, I'm talking about University of Manchester" and we burst our laughing cause gila perasan hahahaha.
Woke up late despite the fact that we had to be at school by 720. Went to drop Tania off but Mama wanted to go have breakfast so we did so at Devi's. Had roti telur and my usual sirap limau.
The school had music on so there was the occasional 'OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!' (which is absurd because the songs on repeat on my iTunes) and I admit to momentary dancing.

Managed to finish the organization chart and I still have the duty roster to do. HORROR

K taking a nap now ciao

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