Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye 2009 Hello 2010

I had a good run this year.

We started our form 4 and I still remember still being slightly upset about my PMR results as they called up students who achieved straight A's onto the stage on the first day. We were in the hall pretty much for the first 2 days because they had to sort us into classes. My name, I remember, was amongst the first to be called for Alpha. Soon after, I got to know my classmates and out of the 6 mates, 4 including me got into said class. Sat beside Ila and got nominated to be class monitor and eventually got to be one with Ila as my assistant (who soon retired and it got passed on to Haikal hehe). I loved Form 4, as much as I said I hated it. 2 of my closest friends headed off to a boarding school which we were saddened about but turned out they got into the same school as another good friend of mine so it's all good.

Sweet 16s

Our sixteenth year on Earth and that calls for a celebration. Sarah who turned 16 first (Jan 14th, 2 weeks from now!) celebrated hers at Tony Romas and in true Sweet Sixteenth spirit, did the place up but on her real birthday which fell on a Wednesday, I still remember because ada lagi gambar kita pakai baju PP, I brought her cupcakes and we sang to her in school. I had a 'do myself at my place and got a laptop as a birthday present (which I sometimes blame for my procrastination but turned out that it was just me). Ila had a celebration at her house which I thoroughly enjoyed myself because I remember laughing so hard and so much with Amy, Sarah and Dina that night. Had a surprise party for Debra at Nick's place and well, let's just say, that wasn't the last surprise party of the year. Diyana had a themed birthday and for the love of Michael Jackson, she did a 'Smooth Criminal' celebration in where the actual theme laid in the video that took place in a black and white scenario in the '50s. Had a ball ! Kaveetha too had one and everyone had to wear the colours of the Powerpuff Girls so blue, red and green it was ! Ayesha's sixteenth 'do coincided with Nikki's real birthday, and that was just as fun because the night consisted of picture taking, Wii and foosball playing and cap kali cap kali cap cap cap. Jia Wen did hers in Mum's Place and I fell in love with the food, I think the highlight of the day though was when we were all stuffed into her mum's car to go to Curve, that was hilarious because everyone was gasping for air hahahahaha. Aimi combined with Farisha to have a party at Paddington Pancakes and that was one enjoyable night. Though I had to go back early, but best gila lah. Sebab semua orang datang. Rachael had a party at Bubba Gump and the birthday song was so cool sial, hihi. OH ! And Sanju's birthday at Fridays too. Athirah's black, white and red themed birthday was held at Redbox and besides Athirah, I didn't really anyone except for the boys so it was just me and them, had an awesome time dancing and singing to the songs. And I missed out on Ashley's :( There were more birthdays but dah lupa, thank God ada blog ! I can just reread whatever happened and relive the moment. Like a diary but open to the public which if you think about it, defeats the whole purpose.

School And Everything About It

School-wise however isn't all that sweet. Had trouble (still do) with basically every subject. Sarah and I dari beginning of the year cakap nak belajar tapi selalu 'Ala takpelah, mid year lah dapat A's!' > 'Eh, takpe ah, August lah baru buat betul betul' > 'Finals je ah!!' > 'NEXT YEAR K?!' hahahaha. We had Cikgu Tunku Zubaidah as our class teacher hence she taught us BM. She's awesome possum though at one time, it seemed to us she had bad PMS all month long. I'm still having a troubled relationship with Add Maths and it sickens me to the stomach. I'm wishing for better luck with it this year (I still have trouble remembering to say 'this year' instead of 'next year') as well as every other subject. You don't know how much I want this !
My school attendance isn't really something to be proud of hahahaha. And I'm class monitor how.. ? And I attended sports day !! Best gila hahahaha. Spent the day with my fellow green house mates ; Izzati, Amy and Athirah. Plan macam macam for green house this year. We got third which is a fall from first place in '08. Amy, what ever happened to our semangat jitu to be all prepared for next year ? HAHA. Nak masuk running la konon, harapan ! :( And we also planned and organized our Pandu Puteri dinner. 'Spring In Greece' was our theme and we had a blast every step in the way despite the occasional arguments and misunderstandings in the committee. Sarah and I got a room at the Royale Bintang hehehe, BEST tau. I still can remember the whole day because we were so pumped for the night. Settled in the room before going out to Curve to make hair appointments and Peek-A-Boo said they'd call us but when we were on the way to Ikano to find Sarah's shoes, they said they were full so we had to rush back to Curve to find a saloon and settled on to the one secluded behind. We left behind pictures of how Sarah wanted her hair to be so macam we spent how long ntah explaining to the guy camne nak buat -.- Braid pun tak tahu camne nak buat, haih. Last last tu jadi lah jugak kan, met Farisha, Amy and Ila at the salons doing their hair. Went back and gila kecoh nak buat deco yang macam half dead hahahaha. Oh ! Sarah and Ila went back home with me one day from school and we went to SSF to get some decorations which was gila babs susah seeing how we had to do it all under a budget. Got some stuff and headed home via cab. Took some pictures on my webcam and they were off. :D The day of the dinner was (Y)(Y), I think it means most to us because we were the one who did the organizing and it seemed fun to us even if we had no live entertainment, I still danced my butt off. Song of the night was Jai Ho for some reason hahaha.
We also had a school dinner in which I got the pleasure of meeting Yuna and listening to her live. Then, we had the IU day which I got to meet Nikki's friend/magician/dancer, Nasri. And Mina ! :)

Love Like That
I started 2009 single and I ended it the same way. I have no regrets. Though, I did meet a guy I fell head over heels for. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and I'm greeting 2010 with an open heart so I wish you (mine) nothing but the best. I gained some new friends and I so far, haven't lost any significant ones.

First food of the year : Cheese on toast
First drink of the year : Coffee Bean's iced tea
First movie of the year : My Sister's Keeper
First song of the year : Don't Rain On My Parade

There's so many things I'm looking forward to in 2010, it's crazy. It's 5 minutes to January 2nd and I haven't come up with a resolution yet. Oh well.

Happy New Year xx

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