Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have a friend. His name is Marwan (click on his name for his Facebook page!). And he takes photographs. Good photographs. I love it. And here's some from the NYE party at Kaveetha's.

(L-R) Johann, Marc and Aidit. Like I've said before, these boys don't fail to make me laugh and NEVER fail to tepek me all the time for my heigh, or lack thereof. Love them regardless. 

With the high school buds whom I love and would never trade anything in the world for. The funniest and the loudest. I've always been a quiet girl in primary school but obviously things have changed since then and I've grown to be.. well, loud. And it's all thanks to these people!!! 

Have a great weekend everyoneeeeeeeeeeee !! Last weekend before college so I'm going make it count (like for instance; sleeping in bed all day with my aircond on and showering for 40 minutes with hot water).

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