Saturday, January 5, 2013


My 14 year old sister. I still treat her like she's 5 by smothering her with kisses and suffocating her with hugs (there were some attempts that were greeted with a slap and a kick and a shove but all's well).

This is us in the car otw home from Pavilion after a good day of shopping. Us girls went different ways from Papa who much preferred to spend 2 hours in a golf shop. After about 40 minutes worth of damage (a lot), we hid our shopping bags in the boot of the car to save ourselves from Papa's nags and mini lectures.

So up til lunch, we were pretty much empty handed and Papa had bought himself a pair of golf shoes. As we approached the car, he went ahead and put his things in the boot only to be greeted by our shopping.

"Laaaa ingatkan dah bagus dah tak shopping!!"

Right, Pops. Like that's ever gonna happen.

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