Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Roast Lamb // Lemon Meringue

How was January the 1st ? I spent mine all day in Shah Alam at the Arshad household with the whole lot of family members. I am so full from eating roast lamb, baked potatoes, salad, apple pie, lemon meringue, brownies and a dozen more of good stuff. Had like, 3 helpings. Don't mind if I do.

So nice to catch up with my young cousins, love meeting up with them. Tomorrow school starts so they're all dreading it which was so cute 'cause after I say things like "Have a good first day back to school!" or "Have fun tomorrow!", they'll all reply


Hahahahahahaha was I the only one to really seriously look forward to school back then ? I looove sekolah.

Isn't the kid sooooo cute ?!!?!!?! His curls lah god so gebu and so bulat so comel 

And to the newlywedsss Uncle Kusy and Kak Hany

 and there was entertainment brought to you proudly by Azad

 Is it too early for me to ask him to perform at my wedding ? It is, isn't it.............

We were one of the last few to head home because we watched the boys play football. With Aunty Nina as a spectator and Pak Sem (derived from Pak Handsome) (I know) as one of the players, you can just imagine the fits of laughter we would break into. 

Good food and a loud kecoh family makes an evening well spent.

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