Sunday, January 20, 2013

Being 20

I prayed Isyak right before midnight struck and it would be 20th January 2013. I'm gonna be a sappy cliche now because usually I give God a personal prayer and just have a mini talk with Him about life and how I'm grateful to have the people around me.

I teared when I thanked Him for everything and everyone for the past 19 years. I really cannot remember a time when I was depressed or sad and angry about life. I really can't. And I have God to thank for that because I'm so indescribably thankful with what He has given me - from the parents and siblings and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and best best friends and best friends and friends and the people who have helped me to this very laptop I'm typing my blog out on. I'm so happy with how life has treated me and insyaAllah, He will bless the rest of my life and turning 20 is only the beginning. A husband ? Kids ? New house ? New business ? New everything ? I can't wait and I get so giddy thinking of everything (and when I mean everything, I mean 'wedding' as in I can't wait to be planning my very own wedding hahaha)

I had a lovely lovely day out albeit a late start. I woke up at 11 hahaha (sorry I'm still the same even though I've turned 20 now) (#badhabitsarehardtobreak) when Papa texted me "Morning birthday girl! Nasi lemak downstairs!", I went down and a nice breakfast with my favourite man and my favourite nasi lemak and cucur badak !

Then we went out for lunch at Alexis, BSC initially but while we were waiting for a place to sit, Mama remembered there's a Bens restaurant just upstairs so we went there instead. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL PLACEEE !!!!!! GORGEOUS !!!!!! I know now where to have fancy dinners with my mates at !! Gorgeous, really. But it's quite secluded and hidden that it's not a place people would come if they hadn't known. Especially dahlah kalau orang pergi BSC, wajib je pergi Alexis. It's okay dear pavlova cake, maybe next time! Had a masam manis lemon meringue pie though which was vair vair sedap !!

And after that, Tania and I drove to Pavilion to do some birthday shopping but Mama didn't follow because a) she doesn't like it there b) if she did go, we'd probably be there 2 hours max c) I'd like to spend more than 2 hours there please.

She was more than glad to go home actually hahaha. Spent good quality time with the other birthday girl (Tania turned 17 on the 17th of January!) and ATTEMPTED to shop. This is my theory.

If Mama does not ikut us to shop or when we have no money to shop, abundant of pretty, nice, glittery, things are everywhere and you mutter under your breath "why now why no money why got nice things why now" and

If Mama DOES follow or we have money to spend under her consent, nada. Nothing. Not even a pen.

You guys. God is telling me "Nadia, give it a break. Chill jap" hwaaaaaa. But I did get some things though. Still eyeing that gorgeous watch by Marc Jacobs and soooo tempted to get it as my birthday present ! I love it !!!

Went home just in time for dinner in which Mama cooked roast lamb/roast/chicken/steamed potatoes/salad. LOVED ITTTTTT !!! YUMMERS. Haven't been home for the last 2 weeks so this was extra good and extra nice hihihi. Thanks Mama if you're reading and I know you are so thank you for being lovely.

But before eating, Iman brought out a cake and surprised Tania and I with a cake !!!!!!!!!! And it was chocolate banana !!!!!!!!!!!! SODAP ! I love it !!!!!! So happy and so grateful lah to have been brought up in this family and into this world by just the most amazing set of parents and 3 other siblings whom I love love love dearly.

Cannot express how nice this feeling is. I love birthdays.

And I love mine the most.

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