Sunday, February 3, 2013

20th Celebration Resumes In College

My 20th birthday celebration was a humble one at home with my family. Loved it. But I missed my friends.

Thankfully though, I'm blessed with the best people around.

On Monday, they even sang me Happy Birthday in the dining hall. In my college, whenever it's someone's birthday, the whole dining hall would sing for you. I was sitting with my friends for lunch and they started singing. I didn't know it was for me pun! Until they looked at me. And of course, when I heard ".. Happy Birthday Nadiaaa~" lol

Monday night is also known to the student body as the dreaded Keli Night. It depends really. Thursdays lunch and Monday dinners have always been avoided by those who dislike fish. Or should I say, fish served in KY. But to be honest, I kinda like keli. Because they slather sambal all over it which makes it good. So went for dinner there with the boys. Stayed and talked after dinner til we moved to the cafe. As someone tweeted before (I've forgotten who it was!), "Dari tempat makan, gerak gi tempat makan lagi".

Went into the cafe with Amal and Olan. Everything was fine. Spotted some wearing pink. An unusual above average amount of people wearing my favourite colour. Didn't think much about it. Just thought it was cool. Again, this is 2 days after my birthday so I didn't think anything was gonna happen.

Pana came to me and hugged me out of nowhere and said

"Babe, love you"


"You'll see"

and Anis did the same thing before they left together.

Again, shrugged it off because tiba tiba Diy pulled me away for a photo (??). Found out later that it was to distract me.

Was walking around 'til Fauzan told me to sit in front of him, my back against the door.

And he said

"Nadia, just wanted to tell you... happy birthday"

and came in the loud singing and the birthday cake. I was pretty much taken aback because I'M SO TOUCHED BY THEN LAH. I was thisclose to tearing up when everyone started singing and Fauzan started smiling but couldn't bring myself to cry because I was so damn happy!!! Turned around to see a nice big red velvet cake from Wondermilk!!

Everyone gathered around the table around me and waited for me to blow out the candles. Which took a long time cause I was laughing too much.

Then Diy said

"Babe, TARIQ bought the cake! TARIQ!!!!!!" and everyone gave a big round of applause because he is honestly the last person I'd think would buy an expensive cake!!!! Hahahahaha thanks Tariq!!!!

I have no words as to how much I love my friends, honestly. It's only been closing in to two years but my college friends have been such a great bunch to me. I KNEW KY was gonna be a good thing !!!!

p/s : Thank you Diy for planning this all out and inviting everyone and asking people to wear pink !!!!! Love you love you love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :"""""")

p/p/s: Best way to turn 20 !!!!!!

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