Friday, February 15, 2013

The Bee

Even if I had someone to celebrate it with, Valentines Day would be like any other day for me. I don't celebrate it not because I don't believe it but because I feel everyday should be a day for celebrating love. Not just a day. Same goes for Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Sure, it's a day to SHOW your appreciation but shouldn't gifts and flowers and chocolates be given out on any other day ? Let it be for your lover or for your parents; you should always display your lurve (sengaja nak type cenggitu).

But my friends are lovely.

After Maghrib, they came over and brought me out for dinner. Marissa even gave me a small token of love which was very very sweet of her luv her to bits and pieces thanks babe you really are the best diggity

Love how she put a printed a photo of my boys (One Direction lads) !!!! Hahahaha sweetie pie. She didn't just give one to me, she gave to so many others !!! Luv this girl for being so considerate and rajin mengs. Thanks Zati, Sarah and Tariq too for helping out. You babes made my day !! 

We ate at this place called 'The Bee' in Publika and it's sooo niiiiice !! I love the place and how cool and lepak it is. Service was a bit slow because there were so many people but it's such a lovely place. And somewhere NEW for a change. Asyik asyik benda sama so why not eh. Can't wait to go again. Had 'Shroom Dog' which was basically hotdog with mushroom sauce and mushrooms with fries. SAH GOOD. 

And we had a plate of nachos to share around and deserts ! Pavlova was surprisingly good despite not having much meringue. But such a lovely dinner with my ladiessssss despite them having their own boyfriends. They spent their Valentines Day dinner with a lil' ol' single girl like me heh heh 

Thanks Marissa, Zati and Sarah muah muah kiss a bit and love a lot 

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