Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Yum cha!"

Had a great day out with my bebe girls. Went out for lunch at Serai, Paradigm Mall. I have never been to Paradigm so I had to drag Tania out with me since she's been to Kelana Jaya several times now.

But even with that, we got lost......

Had pretty good aglio olio. They had these cherry tomatoes that was SO sedap. Plate was wiped clean, alhamdulillah ! 

Succumbed to a plate of pavlova and had a special edition of 'yee sang'.

Ila said whoever's fork or spoon or whatever is the highest prosper the most. And mine was the lowest because I was balancing a forkful of pavlova in one hand and a camera on the other ! May my luck and prosperity grow please please. 

"Yum cha!!!" as I fumbled with my camera and lifted the pavlova. 

"Nadia.... it's yee sang..." Ila said.

I think we laughed and talked a little bit too much and a little bit too loud because I caught the next table glaring and shaking their heads........

..... hay you gaiz it's CNY let us be kecoh kecoh 

Left the place and went ronda ronda around the mall to see what's happening in Paradigm. It's actually quite okay. I was thinking it was going to be like Tropicana (which is seriously a sad excuse of a mall!) (and that's coming from me, a girl who LOVES malls) but it wasn't. It had a Zara and a spacious one at that, a Sephora, Dorothy Perkins, H&M ! Not bad at all but some shops were closed so it still looked empty and boring. But I still managed to get 2 pair of shoes......

... now I'm really really broke. I TOLD YOU AND I'M GONNA TELL YOU AGAIN ! Bila dah takde duit sangat lah and when Mama isn't around to follow us shop, banyak lah pulak benda alah. 

Really now.

Went back but made a quick detour to OU to get the car fixed. It started to make weird noises so to Guan I go ! (Guan is the nice Chinese guy in ENEOS, OU who helps out all the time. I even catch him hiding whenever the Honda parks in ENEOS hahahaha guan you funny guy you) (he gets an angpau for that).

Tania went for O'Briens and I went around and got myself a magazine and then we went back because Zaim needed the car for golfing. Now I'm back and changed and waiting for my parents to get back home. Need my dinnah.

(With Lisa Surihani who is just as gorgeous in real life as we all think she is)

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