Thursday, November 13, 2014

Box of Lies

This is me attempting to colour my hair all on by my own effort. I was like,

"Right, no big deal, just mix that into that, shake it, and put on your gloves and just lather it all over your hair, psh why do we pay so much for this at the salon?"


I didn't even sempat to put the gloves on and I already tertumpah some of the colour cream. The klutz in me never fails to show up at times like these. Thank God I had the logical sense in me to lay the floor with newspaper.

And the universe was telling me I was going to be in a right big mess if I was going to do on my own. And just as I was about to start, my housemates came in to ask about something and when they saw what I was doing, I just succumbed and asked them nicely if they could do my hair for me hihi

So they did! 

I just had to goyang kaki and refresh Instagram and contemplate whether cooking and eating fries at 10:30 is a good idea or not...

As usual, hair colour didn't look like how it was depicted on the box. It never does! I'm too scared to get anything too light because I kinda don't wanna be blonde or anything like that. So I just went with "light golden brown'.


My weekend officially starts tomorrow after 1pm and I can't wait. I'm super determined to have a great weekend because the past few ones were quite disappointing. I can't wait to see my favourite friends and to genuinely have many many many hearty laughs and good food.

(I'm currently seriously seriously considering having some french fries [who are we all kidding? Of course I'm going to fry them???] and I'm having such good feels from listening to old Babyface songs 'cause they remind me of my parents so much!)



  1. Am I one of the favourite friends you speak of???

    Who are we kidding, of course I am. Can't wait to see you Nadia!!!

  2. I have yet to see the finished product!!! huhu love u