Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Current midterm status : BM is done and done, sigh of relief there. Hand was sore after writing a 700 word essay. Unnecessarily wasted time on stupid nothings. Heh. Modern Maths was okay. I got to know that there were going to be some questions from form 1, 2, and 3. Thank GOD there was no crap on Transformations : Reflections, Rotations etc. Sejarah dah habis lama dah. Last Friday, tu baru Paper 1 okay. 


I'm at Chapter 3 of Chemistry. Have started Chemistry way back. Tapi tak faham faham moles/mols and all the gibberish talk about formulas -.- They all sound/look/seem the same, goddamnit. And I haven't even so much as to flick through my Bio. Teruk gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaabi.
Counting off the seconds to the holidays. The thought of sleeping well (not like these past few days) is so soothing and is currently my biggest motivation.

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