Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Going On With Today

So, like, I KNOW for a fact that Adam will be this year's American Idol, blah. No suspense at all ! I still am rooting for Kris though Danny did an exceptionally great job with that Joe Cocker song, You're So Beautiful or something like that.
ANYWAY, moving on.

I vow to do good for the upcoming Mid Term. I vow to pass my additional mathematics seeing how I failed (FIRST FAILURE, can I get a WOOT WOOT?) the first time back. Tomorrow will be spent at the library, studying my untouched History facts. Literally, I haven't touched my History text book, I just found it today. And no notes have been done due to laziness. 
This weekend, I'll hold my horses and not go out, not even out to buy pisang goreng/food/pens/buku rujukan-yang-always-kena-beli-eventhough-kat-rumah-ada-berjuta, which I always do because it's an excuse for me to go out and delay my studies. Horrible, ain't it ? 
I can't wait for exams to be done with, I have so many things to do (doubtfully ACTUALLY BEING DONE, but whatever). School's school, nothing much there. I love school and all, I just wished 7.20 could be changed to like, 9 or something. Boleh tidur lama sikit. 

On Monday, ze mother and some friends (including Puan Hazlin so therefore Amy too) went to grab some lunch at Delicious so I had pretty much no options but to follow suit. Before that, dragged Mama to ZARA and she agreed that the top Lara Stone wore on the er.. wall? Yeah wall, sebab it's like a background, y'know ? Haha susah nak explain, adalah, bila nak masuk tu, look on your left, she's wearing this top yang macam jacket tapi tak. I told Mama it was pretty darn cool and she agreed. Yeay. Masuk masuk je ada kasut lawa gila baaaaaabs, it's on the table right upfront so basically, it really is the first thing you see (besides Lara Stone and her gapped teeth, sorry Najib, I know you love her, she just ain't working for me). There were many shoes that were freaking TDF (which stands for 'to die for', to those who didn't read Total Girl religiously way back when)! Seriously, everywhere you turn, a stunning creation is just laying there. Will *try* to get my hands on one of them even if it kills my allowance and pocket money. 
After arriving, felt awkward amidst teachers so Amy and I decided to go on our own. Went to Forever 21 and roamed around. There were so many floral dresses, it kills. Really, the timing can't get any better because of the themed dinner coming up (Y) that involves a whole lot of flowers. Since the only pair of jeans I currently own are just black and basic blue denim (yang black tu lagi la bodoh, I have 2 of the same kind. Terbeli sama -.-) and I want to buy a new one, this time, really faded blue. Like light blue or grey. And ada baju lawa gila kat Topshop siaaaaaaaaaaal, babi ah takde size. In times like this, you kinda wish you'd be a size 10 because almost all the time, size 6 takde tau tak. Damn orang kurus. 

Today was not my day. I came after recess because I desperately needed atleast 2 more hours of sleep so I generally woke up at 9 but slept at every interval of 5 minutes. -.- And surprise surprise, my friends told me that right after recess, there'll be a lecture on smoking in the hall.
Are you serious ? -_________________- I woke up with a mighty spirit to focus on add maths TO BE LET DOWN BY A LECTURE ? And the copier broke down so I couldn't photostat the exams MESSED UP timetable. I mean, really ? History is the day after tomorrow, that's just paper 1, right. The paper 2 is in 2 weeks time. What the hell. What the hell. On Wednesday(s), teruk gila okay, ada Chemistry Paper AND Biology paper ? Are you freakin' real ? That's too much for one's brain to handle (unless you're like.. Natrah or better yet, Dina). 
School ended with a downpour. Dealt with it. Bought Burger King for dinner and one whole drink of Coke got spilled in the car. And I had to cleaned it up because partially it was my fault. Pergh, hari terbaik.

And I just wasted time writing all of this down when it could have been used for something useful like say, I don't know ? History perhaps ?

Blah. Exams are sucky, not a fan of it, who's with me ? 

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