Thursday, May 21, 2009


American Idol finale was beyond spectacular.
I never thought I would take a liking for Kiss who was freakin' brilliant, by the way. 
And Santana was amazing. Babi best.
I missed Jason Mraz's performance but I can already know it'll be just as good if not better than the others. They had fantastic line up this year, they really outdid themselves by proving just that. Loved what Kara wore by the way and hell yeah she beat Bikini Girls ass. (Y) Rock on, new judge.
About the winning though, I am thoroughly happy that Kris won, big fan of him (an even bigger fan of Giraud but heh, the hat was too much for the Americans seeing no one really voted) and yeah, most of the time his thunder gets stolen by the manicured (black nails, baby, is the way to go) and mascara'd Lambert but I don't know, I just preferred underdog as he is often dubbed. 
But I gotta admit, the performance with Kiss was just mind blowing. Freakin' digged the platforms, NIIICE. I actually won't mind going to their concert. Pergh, setakat Jason Mraz pun tak pergi, nak pergi Kiss apa hal.
Who cares who got the title anyway, both of them are obviously going to make it huge in the US so they have nothing to worry their pretty little heads of. 

So.. Adam fans. Take a breather. It's not the end of the world that he lost. Chill.


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