Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 Kids

This is universal. And I'm speaking in general.

So, like, we're studying right ? All day. We don't get forced, we do it on our free will. We study in our room. Like, actually read, and actually understand, and actually applying what we've learn in to our buku latihan's.

So ok. We go out. Of our room. To, oh, I don't know, get a life/catch up with the world i.e, watch TV. And then your mum/dad comes out and see you lying down watching some stupid TV show and goes 'Tak belajar pun?' and then if you're lucky, they'll go without lecturing you about the importance of studying and God forbids 'The Future' talk.

Seriously ? Seriously. It's like, I literally have to study in front of their faces. The reason I'm in my room is not because I'm up late (which my parents seem to think I do, when really I've been up since 8 in the morning, I just choose to stay in my bedroom than to come down and do nothing) but because I've been studying.

I don't think they realize how hard and impossible it is to get a scholarship. You can get straight A's and STILL not get offered a scholarship. It was easy for them when there were really none to give out to. Now, you have everyone of an I.Q of Einstein's, memang lah susah kan -.- and now that the world is so bloody expensive, scholarships are 5 times as hard to get compared to 30 something years ago.

You think I don't want this for myself ? I think I want it the most, THE most, like more than anything. More than you, that's for sure.


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