Thursday, July 1, 2010



So today, we had a school trip to Taylors College, Hartamas. It makes me want to go college even more. ANYWAY

So upon arrival, we met some of our Taman Tun seniors. Some as in 2. -.- Haha. It's a pretty place, though small. Macam everywhere je boleh duduk and lepak which is so cool hahaha. And I didn't know that you can pretty much wear what you want. I thought you still have to be 'beradab' but tak pun so yeah, cool.

And then there was a talk by this guy who had a german name, Krysler Buy or something like that, the spelling's a bit off haha. He gave us a talk on how to make a CV and how to get through an interview which I thought was very very interesting to say the least. I jotted down notes, even though it'll all be lost by next month, heh. Atleast I know what not to do hahaha

'Ladies, if you have all 6 buttons on your shirt, then button up all of the 6 buttons'


OK moving on.

We then had groups of 9 and the really nice lady gave us 9 characters ; a doctor, a lawyer, a pregnant lady with a 5 year old girl, a disabled person, an elderly woman, a scientist, the hippies couple, an army officer who mentally unstable but is useful and a priest. So my group consister of Ayesha, Brenda, Belinda, Zulhilmi (?), Hariz, Anis, Hakim and Ashley. So we chose the scientist, a doctor and the army officer and all Ayesha, Hakim and I went up to explain our choice. Every team which btw was named based on food, had to elect a spokesperson to go up and explain our choice. I just realized how kelam kabut my explaining is, not at all in the right order. Oh well.

And thennnnn, we were given a piece of paper with some questions like 'Name the 2 discussion rooms on the 2nd floor' which was super duper fun. We went around the campus finding the answers lol so funny seeing everyone running here and there and messing up the brochure counter. After completing all of that, we sat down and ate lunch. OM NOM NOM. Everyone got so jakun with the vending machine hahaha

After that, we all gathered back in the Alpha Theater (?) and the nice lady (whose name I have totally forgotten) announced the winners for the race. And we won alongside 'Claypot' :') HEHE

Ok so we were supposed to go to the Subang one as well but we ran out of time boooohoo :'( I seriously want to go and see the Lakeside campus. It's so impressive looking judging by the photos.

Sekejap je lagi and I would have to take college seriously. OMGAH I'M GROWING UP

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