Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cuci The Musical II


And it was the bestesttttttt ! Also, Katy Perry is performing at World Stage now but I've made my peace with the fact that I won't be able to see her live. There's always a next time.

Anyway ! Cuci The Musical was hilarioussssssss and sooooooo goood ! Highly recommended ! Why am I using exclamation marks after every sentence !? But seriously, job well done. I haven't laughed like how I did tadi in a long time (seemingly) and it was about darn time that I did. And since it was a musical, the actors (Afdlin Shauki, Hans Isaac, Awie, Nabil, Jaclyn Victor, Vanida Imran, Harith Iskandar etc) sang some parts. I LOVE AFDLIN though, he's probably my favourite. You can tell at some parts, they were improvising their lines which was so crazy funny because then they themselves would laugh tapi kena cover cover hahahahaha.
I would SO be up for another trip to Istana Budaya to catch another show. Anyone up for it ? RING ME ! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SHOW ! Go lah k ? K.

Then, we went out for dinner at the Curve. And Tania, Iman and I bought umbrellas.. I don't really know why since we don't really go out in the rain anyway.
But they came in cute colours so what the heck.

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