Friday, July 23, 2010


  • I finally found a shampoo that works. And the shampoo girl over at Organic asked how many times I shampoo+condition my hair and I answered 'Twice a day" and she was like "Wah, so rajin !". Isn't that like average ?
  • Sayang gila my Victoria Secret and Lola perfumes, so much so that I don't use it often hahaha takut habis.
  • I showed Mama a picture of the kain I wanted my prom dress to be and she seemed to like it. I can't wait to go kain hunting.
  • For the time being, I'm getting more and more studious and it's good, I guess but I hope it'll last.
  • Zaim has H1N1 and we're all skipping school tomorrow. Even Mama. Jap nak cari peribahasa. Oh right. Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelangga.
  • I want to watch Inception. And Despicable Me. Just 'cause I can't stop saying 'Does this count as annoying?' and do that cute sounds the little girl (Agnes) makes. ARGH
  • My whole house smells like durian+cempedak, it's driving me nuts.
  • Dude, you will never know how much I want to further my studies abroad like my parents. So I'm going to study my ass til I actually understand and get sick of studying and besides, it's only 3 months right ? What's 3 months anyway ? Might as well study sampai the very last minute. The last thing I would want is to go into the hall and blanking out. Shit, that'll be the worst FML moment in history of FML moments.
  • Ok bye I'm tired and I'm waking up for Sahur. 11 days more to go. This is what procrastination will get you to.

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